How do I remove the fuel pump?

In order to ensure a continuous supply of gasoline when the engine is running, a fuel pump is used. Its condition should be constantly monitored, checked and repaired if there are even small problems. It remains to figure out how to remove the fuel pump and replace it with a new one. Most often, the pump replacement is required for cars that have been in use for more than 10 years. But how often it will have to do it depends solely on the conditions in which the car is operated, as well as the habit of the driver to drive with a half-empty tank. In the latter case air gets in the pump together with fuel, parts overheat, and their deterioration is accelerated.

Reasons for changing a fuel pump

It is not always possible to replace the pump yourself. On modern car models, the fuel pump is often installed inside the gas tank, which makes it difficult to access – especially compared to older Russian and Soviet cars. In such cases, of course, it is better to turn to specialists. But it is still better to figure out how to change the pump by yourself, because the breakdown can catch you unawares far away from the service station. You won’t be able to reach it with a faulty fuel pump, you will either have to change it yourself, or call a tow truck.

How to understand if it is time to change the pump. This is indicated by such signs as:

  • The noise made by the engine. It may change for a short period of time, and then come back to normal, but you still have to check the pump.
  • Decrease in engine power – this will be visible on a sharp rise while driving.
  • Deterioration of the starting and acceleration system. First you should check the starter and the battery, and if they work normally, the problem is in the fuel pump.

There may be several reasons for the breakdown. These are:

  • Contamination of the fuel tank, which inevitably accumulates dust, debris, rust, in addition, and the quality of the fuel leaves much to be desired,
  • breakage of wiring, which is used to connect the pump to the relay. If the wires are already corroded, if there are melted areas, the ability to pass current is reduced, pumping of gasoline is not possible,
  • contamination of the fuel filter. If it is not replaced in time, the functionality of the pump is reduced.

Where is the fuel pump

The answer to this question should be sought in the documentation of the car. Each brand uses its own installation schemes, they depend on the design of the fuel system in general and the gasoline pump in particular. The pump is located outside the gas tank in those cases where it belongs to the category of mechanical devices. Electric pumps are already installed inside the tank, and the pump itself is located underneath. You can get to it either through the bottom of the trunk, or from the side of the rear passenger seat, which will have to be removed beforehand.

How to change the pump?

First you need to pick up all the necessary tools – wrench and screwdriver sets, pliers, etc. To carry out the cleaning work, you will need a car vacuum cleaner. The process of disassembly and replacement comes down to the following:

  • First you need to make sure that there is no more than 10 liters of fuel left in the fuel tank.
  • Then turn off the ignition and remove the appropriate cable.
  • If you want to reach the pump through the trunk or back seat, you must remove all unnecessary things from there.
  • Above the gas tank is a hatch, the screws from it unscrew and remove the cover.
  • The hollow in the body of the fuel tank is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Depressurize the fuel line.
  • Disconnect the connectors of the pump by unclamping with a screwdriver.
  • The gasoline pump is disassembled together with the cover. Difficulties may arise with the removal of the pump from the tank, because its dimensions are almost the same as the diameter of the hole.
  • Then install a new pump.

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