How long can a trucker live in the cab of a modern truck

Everyone has probably seen, at least in the movies, luxury American truckers’ trucks with a living module installed behind the cab. It is obvious that the extended berth in a truck is not for beauty, but for convenience. But how long can you live in such a module? Is a trucker able to live without traditional accommodation for at least several months?

On a popular English-language internet site “question-answer” quite a few American truckers wrote that they can get along without the usual (normal) housing for many months, spending most of the time or in the living module of their trucks. However, many noted that even with a good spacious living module with all sorts of amenities such as shower and toilet, they still prefer from time to time to rest in roadside models. All the same, life in a module, let it be the most comfortable one, is a forced measure. Many American truckers also wrote about how they combine their main work and earnings of the rent, leasing the remaining empty apartment or house. Not everyone can afford that, since many have relatives: spouses, children, and elderly parents.

The living modules in the trucks of American truck drivers can look very attractive and many of the workers really write on the forums that they can live 3-4, less often 5 months wandering between the cab of the truck and a bunk in a motel. However, living in such a mode for years is not the question. In this case, the Americans themselves admit that even the most comfortable unit – is still a constant discomfort, both physical and purely psychological. Being on the road 24 hours a day, from time to time it is desirable to leave the road lane and be somewhere else, to change the surroundings.

Also it is necessary to understand that it is not obligatory to have a dwelling module in the American truck. Many truckers’ cars in the U.S. are not much different from those used in the Old World and Europe, including Russia. Often the entire “module” is a small bunkhouse. It is obvious that such truckers, even in the U.S., are tied to the infrastructure of motels and parking lots, although they have to sleep in the cabin most of the time. In any case, staying in the car for a long time is not physically possible. So we can say that the brilliance and variety of modernresidential modules for trucks looks exceptionally deceptive. truck accommodation modules look exceptionally deceptive.

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