How often should you check and change your car tire pressure in summer and winter

Tire pressure. Practice shows that not every motorist regularly monitors it. Even fewer drivers know and remember that summer pressure in tires should be different from winter. It is time to understand what should be the indicators of the wheels and how often they should be checked during the regular operation of the vehicle.

The necessary information about the pressure in the wheels is guaranteed to be specified in the manual attached to the vehicle. However, about what should be the pressure in the wheels of the car, there will be no word. The manual will stipulate the pressure depending on wheel size, load limit, and wheel location (front/rear). Similar information may be contained on stickers located in hidden places, such as on the hatch of the gas tank of the vehicle.

In general, the formula for success is as follows: the lower the temperature outside the car, the lower should be the pressure in the tires. Of course, it does not mean that you should rush to the wheels of your swallow with a tool after every weather forecast. It is enough to check and adjust the pressure before every season, twice a year. It is also possible to correct pressure before any long trip. First of all it concerns long rides on autobahns in conditions when the air temperature rises up to plus 35-40 degrees Celsius.

Remember that it is correct to measure the pressure only “when cold”, when the car was at rest for at least 1.5-2 hours. On average, every 10 degrees below zero and above zero require an adjustment of 0.1 bar in the right direction. With the start of the summer season, it is recommended to raise the tire pressure by about 0.2 bar in relation to the recommended norm.

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