How to detect problems in spark plugs without expensive diagnostics

Spark plugs are one of the most important components of a car engine. Without timely replacement of the spark plugs one fine morning, the car may simply refuse to start. However, a car is a complex machine. How can you know without a detailed professional diagnosis that it is the spark plugs that are the problem? Do farting spark plugs have any characteristic signs?

What can the color of the fouling on automotive spark plugs tell?

The color of deposits (carbon deposits) is, perhaps, the main helper in determining the current condition of automobile candles, engine and fuel system. Of course, in order for the fouling to tell something to the car owner, the candle will first have to be unscrewed. The most common variants are as follows. Light gray or “coffee” fouling on the candle – there is nothing wrong with the part, it works normally. Black dry soot – the working mixture is too rich, it has a lot of gasoline and little air. Most likely the problem is not in the plugs, but in the power system. Red soot – the gasoline has too many additives, the spark plug itself is most likely fine. Oily deposits or “flakes” – serious problems with the engine, most likely the main elements of the engine are in a state of high wear.

What does a lit “Check Engine” say about the plugs?

In most cases, a lit “Check Engine” indicates a problem with the car’s catalytic converter or some trouble with the oxygen sensor. However, the third most popular problem associated with the inclusion of this light on the dashboard were and remain candles. Check them in this case will not be superfluous at all.

What breakdowns in the first place indicate problems with spark plugs?

There are two main breakdowns, which with a probability of 8.5 out of 10 points to problems directly with the spark plugs. The first one is the uneven operation of the car engine until the moment when it reaches the working temperature. The second is difficulty starting a cold engine. Problems with spark plugs may also be indicated by the engine’s inability to hold a steady RPM. A frolicking engine is another characteristic “bad sign”. If the power unit runs normally at idle, but begins to malfunction as you gain speed, then the car most likely has a problem with the spark plugs.

What is the service life of modern spark plugs?

The actual question is not generally answered. Some candles, as practice shows, can “run” and for 100 thousand kilometers of mileage. Although today this is more of an exception than practice. If we are talking about something that could be called “the average hospital temperature”, it is better to start your calculations from the resource of 5-10 thousand km mileage. It is a good motivator not to economize too much on such seemingly trifling things, as spark plugs.

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