How to get your headlights back their factory clarity

Sooner or later the lightning optics of your favorite “swallow” loses its factory transparency. Headlights become muddy as a result of natural wear of lenses. The main reason of this phenomenon is formation of tiny chips and scratches on glass surface. They appear because of constant collision of headlight surface with dust, dirt, sand, stones, snow and insects. You can solve the problem by replacing the headlights. It is recommended to do it at least once a year.

Service polishing headlights is not so expensive. You will have to pay about 1 thousand rubles for each lighting element. But would it not be better to spend a couple of thousand rubles for ice cream for the children and flowers for your beloved woman?

Before you take up polishing, it is strongly recommended to drive the car somewhere warm dry room, protected from unnecessary dust and dirt. Of course, if there is such a possibility. After that, it is necessary to give the entire optics of the car a good wash using a trivial soapy solution. After that, rinse the headlights several times with clean water and dry them. Get inside the lights we do not need, all manipulations are performed strictly from the outside.

Next, we will need some kind of headlight polish. You can buy it at any car store. It costs a lot less than 1000 rubles. Enough capacity for more than one time. You also need a microfiber cloth and a soft towel for work. It is a good idea to protect your hands with gloves in case you have sensitive skin. A small amount of polish is applied to the headlight, and then start repeating the number “3”. I.e. three-three-three and again three-three. One headlamp polishes in about 3-5 minutes. You can polish both glass and plastic headlights. After polishing be sure to go over the surface of the optics with a dry soft towel.

After waiting for the headlights to completely dry and removing excess polish residue, move on to the final step of the job – creating a protective layer. Some motorists recommend using an ordinary winter window cleaner. However, there is information that the cleaner makes some headlights cloud up even moreā€¦ So it is better to spend money on some “Antifog”. The remedy is applied with a rag. It is better to repeat the whole procedure every 3-6 months if you drive regularly, but not less than once in 12 months. If your headlights have never been polished and are in a very bad condition, you will also have to spend money on polishing pads. They are applied before the polish is applied.

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