How to make windshield wipers and windshield wipers work longer in winter

to make windshield wipers and windshield wipers work longer in winter

Windshield wipers are a consumable material, which is easier to replace than to repair. Therefore, drivers often do not pay attention to the state of the brushes and even more so do not consider it necessary to take care of them. But wipers fail not only because of wear and tear. Nonobservance of elementary rules of operation and maintenance promotes it to a considerable degree. We have prepared several recommendations that will help to prolong the life of wipers and save money.

Keeping the dirt off

Most problems with the work of wipers occur in the fall and winter. During this period, the windshield gets more dirty and the dirt freezes. If you clean it with wipers, the rubber will wear out quickly. Micro damage to the surface will grow to cracks, and the wipers will have to be thrown out.

In addition, the glass will also be damaged. Accumulated particles of dust and dirt form a substance like an abrasive. If you sweep them off with wipers, you are guaranteed to scratch the glass.

It is better to clean dirt and stains with special scraper and soft rag. And wipers should be turned on for cleaning of glass from snow and rain. It is obligatory to use a washer. Otherwise, friction on a dry surface will quickly put them out of action.

icy windshield

You should not scrape ice with wipers: it is of little effect, but much harm. At best, you will damage soft rubber of wipers, and at worst – you will break the frame. In addition, you will strongly scratch the glass.

Instead, you should try to melt the ice. You can use a warm heater, de-icer. Do not pour boiling water over the glass, it will definitely break.

Ideal option is to turn on the glass heating (if such function is available). Warm air from running engine will also speed up the process. To do this, you must direct the jet at the icy glass.

Before you turn on wipers, make sure there are no crumbs of ice on the rubber. Otherwise they will scratch the glass.

Windshield Washer

In cold weather, and especially in frosty weather, you should not dilute windshield washer with water too much. At subzero temperatures, it will quickly adhere to the wipers, worsening rubber properties and accelerating their wear.

To keep your windshields clean and your wipers from getting dirty, use a quality windshield washer in winter: choose a windshield washer designed for the cold season.

Don’t lift the wipers

Some drivers prefer to put the wipers upright, so they do not freeze to the glass. However, experts do not advise to keep the wipers in this position all the time, as it contributes to stretching the compression spring. Wipers will cease to fit tightly to the glass.

Secondly, the rubber overnight greatly freezes. Because of this it hardens, loses elasticity and flexibility. As a result, the wipers wear out quickly.

Cracks on the glass

If the windshield is not badly damaged, the owner is unlikely to go immediately to change it. Most likely, he/she will prefer to drive until he/she gets a little bit hot.

But if the cracked place is in the area of wipers’ work, then very soon the wipers will be in disrepair. The edge will be constantly cut by the sharp edge of the chip. Together with the windshield will have to change the wipers.

The right size

Even the consumable material should be selected according to the dimensions of the glass. If the wipers are too long, they will cling to each other. As a result, the rubber will be damaged, the mechanisms will be weakened.

Short brushes – also not a solution. They will not be able to clean the glass properly, so you will have to finish each time the work with your hands. Or drive with a dirty spot in the middle.

Silicone Lubricant

The material of brushes without proper maintenance quickly loses its properties. Frost and frequent wetting makes them oaky and inelastic, and ultraviolet and temperature fluctuations contribute to cracking.

Wipers can be restored to their normal state with the help of silicone. The product is inert to rubber and glass, so you can use it without fear. In addition, the grease perfectly removes dirt from places where it is difficult to reach.

But most importantly, silicone repels water, thus protecting rubber from freezing and destruction. Therefore, experienced drivers advise to regularly treat the wipers with silicone.

To do this is quite simple. First you need to clean off the dirt, best of all – a soft damp cloth soaked in antifreeze. Then apply 5-6 drops of silicone to the surface and rub evenly over the entire surface. The effect of treatment lasts for a week, then the procedure must be repeated.

Avoid contact with glass

If you want to forget about the problem of frozen wipers, get special covers. Put them on the pre-cleaned and dried wipers. They will protect the rubber from moisture and frost penetration, wipers will stop freezing to the glass.

You can also replace the covers with improvised means. For example, with socks. True, such a design will look strange.

Seasonal wipers

Modern manufacturers are trying to make car owners’ lives as comfortable and safe as possible. For this purpose, they developed winter and summer models of wipers. Like tires, they need to be changed seasonally.

Specialized products use materials that are maximally resistant to extreme heat or cold. As for winter wipers, they are additionally equipped with special covers to protect against frosting. Put the cases on the wipers should be put on at night to save rubber from moisture and frost.


A special product is designed for emergencies when you need to quickly free windshield wipers from captivity of ice. Such a spray is safe for glass, rubber, metal and plastic. Quickly removes ice in a gentle way, so it does not harm your wipers.

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