How to permanently protect car fenders from corrosion

Rusty fenders are every motorist’s nightmare. Alas, even rust-relief treatment can’t save them. Sooner or later the protective covering loses its action. However, there is one time-tested method, which may help to protect the body metal of your favorite “swallow” for a long time.

Dirt, water, damp and snow – all this, getting under the fender, gradually destroys the corrosion protection and leads over time to the formation of the first “rust spots”, and then the full blown rust spots. After a while the car fender can rust completely. It is scarcely necessary to remind the drivers that the fenders are one of the most vulnerable spots on the car body. But in fact, protecting them is not that difficult.

However, before starting the protective treatment, you should first remove all the rubber and plastic parts on the fenders. Also the dismantling of the wheel is carried out. After that, the entire surface under the fender must be thoroughly cleaned, washed and dried. All dirt, dust, oil must be removed. Detected corrosion spots are scrubbed to a steel luster with sandpaper of different grit sizes. Only after that is the degreasing of the surface under the fender. The easiest way to do this is to use acetone.

Next, the “primer” – the primer layer – is prepared. To do this, the substance to be used as an anti-corrosion agent is diluted in gasoline. The consistency of the “primer” must be such that it can be applied with an aerosol gun. Wait 5-6 hours after applying the primer coat. Only after that should you apply an anti-corrosion compound under the fender. One of the best options is rubber-bitumen mastic. Apply the anticorner in two layers. Each no thicker than 1 mm. Before installing the wheels, the product must be given time to dry.

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