How to prolong the life of windshield wipers and not let them fail prematurely

The windshield wiper is as important a part of your car as the headlights, especially if you find yourself on the road in heavy rain. Without a functioning windshield wiper mechanism, it is extremely unsafe to drive in such conditions.
If the wipers are worn out, you will be left with streaks on the window, and visibility will be seriously impaired. Therefore, you will have to replace the wipers, as well as consider the basic rules of their operation to avoid problems in the future.

Do not forget that if the wipers stop cleaning the glass properly, then you need to replace them with new ones. Due to insufficiently effective cleaning of the surface, visibility will be critically low, which can provoke an accident situation.

We’ll list a few basics to help you avoid unpleasant consequences due to worn out windshield wipers.

Keep your windshield clean

Oddly enough, the cleanliness of your windshield has a direct impact on the longevity of your windshield wipers. Dirty glass contributes to quick wear and tear on the wipers.

Don’t forget to monitor the condition of the wiper blades and renew the windshield washer fluid on time. Otherwise the wiper blades will scratch the glass and will not be able to do their job.

Remove snow and ice from windshields in time.

To prolong the life of the wipers, you need not only to monitor the cleanliness of the windshield, but also in time to clean the surface of ice and snow. Many motorists mistakenly activate the wipers, trying to remove ice or snow from the glass. However, in such a case, there is a risk of disabling the windshield wipers and damaging the brushes.

So before you start driving, make sure the windows are clean enough and get rid of the ice and snow by hand. Also, wipe the glass with a rag to remove any excess moisture before you park your car.

Clean the wiper blades

Not all motorists know that you also need to clean the wiper blades, because during operation they accumulate plaque and stop adhering tightly to the glass. If you use dirty wipers, the friction coefficient will seriously increase, due to which the rubbers will wear out quickly.

You will need a clean cloth or paper towel to clean the brushes from dirt. At the same time, you need to be very careful not to damage the brushes, because if you rub them too long, it will provoke damage to the soft rubber on the brushes.

It is important to note that even a single inclusion of frozen brushes can cause complete failure of wipers.

When to change the wipers

Many drivers do not know exactly when it is necessary to change the wipers, and they do it only in critical cases, when they stop seeing what is happening outboard. However, it is better to avoid such situations, because it can provoke an accident. After the appearance of the following signs, you need to replace the wipers immediately:

  • Streaks on the windows when the wipers are working;
  • Backlash or deformation of the wiper frame;
  • Insufficiently effective cleaning of windshield surface;
  • Significant signs of wear and tear and mechanical defects.

If you find that the windshield wipers began to miss areas on the windshield and are unable to clean it to the end, they must be replaced immediately. After all, it has a direct impact on the safety and comfort of operating the car.

Some useful recommendations

It will also be useful to read some recommendations that will help extend the life of the wipers:

  1. Before parking your car at night in winter, move the wipers away from the windshield. Although this action initially seems useless, it will prevent the structure from freezing and prolong its service life. The fact is that in winter, the windshield on the warmed up engine heats up, and the falling snow gradually melts, after which it freezes.
  2. Don’t clean your wipers with a glass scraper, especially if they are tightly frozen. Many drivers mistakenly scrape ice from the brushes with a special device, but this jeopardizes the integrity of the rubbers – you can simply tear them or shorten their life. It is better to treat with a proper winter window washer. 3.
  3. leave your car in the shade. Of course, you can’t do it every day, but you should do it whenever possible. The more often the car is isolated from the direct sunlight, the longer the paint coating, plastic console in the salon and the wipers themselves will last. After all, when exposed to direct sunlight brushes strongly heated, causing a loss of flexibility. If the edge becomes rigid, it will worsen the quality of cleaning the glass and cause deterioration of the brushes.
  4. Do not rush to activate the windshield wipers on dry glass. After all, their primary purpose is to remove accumulated moisture and water while maintaining better visibility.

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