How to properly charge the battery from the power bank and not to destroy the car

Portable power banks or power banks are becoming more and more popular among motorists every year. After all, with their help you can easily, quickly and relatively safely restore the charge of dead batteries beloved “swallow. However, if you decide to resort to the help of PB, it would be good to remember the need to follow the correct sequence of actions and safety precautions.

Before you do anything at all with the powerbank, it is highly recommended to take the technical manual for this device and study it from beginning to end. There you will surely find not only general information and universal rules, but also various special rules that may be relevant only for your particular model of Powerbank. Below we will talk about the general rules of operation of this device when charging the car battery.

What should be done before starting the powerbank?

Before starting a portable power source (Powerbank or simply PB), you must turn off both the PB and the car ignition. After that, the car must be placed on the parking brake. If the vehicle uses an automatic transmission, it is put in the “park” position. If the box is manual – put it in neutral. The use of gloves and safety glasses is highly recommended when working with the UB. Remove protective caps from the portable battery terminals, identify “plus” and “minus” (the manual will help), carefully clean the terminals with a dry rag if they were previously soiled with dirt or grease. Finally, check again that both the PB and the car’s ignition are off.

How do I connect and start the power bank?

The connector on the red wire connects to the plus side of the battery. Connect the black connector to an unpainted metal part of the car. The PB manual should give you specific advice on this, which part will work best in your case! Now turn on the power to the portable battery. Try starting the car engine. If it starts right away, disconnect the UB wires. If it doesn’t start right away, don’t crank the starter for at least 5 seconds. It is best to wait 2-3 minutes for the car battery to charge a little from the UB. After that, try again … If the car did not start after this, it means only one thing: the battery is absolutely ALL.

What do I have to do after starting the car?

After you start the engine, you must disconnect the power bank without stopping the engine. All cables are disconnected strictly in reverse order: first black and only then red. Make sure that the connectors do not touch each other until all devices are completely disconnected. If the car starts, drive for at least 20 minutes to fully recharge the battery.

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