How to quickly remove the edge on the disc, without removing the wheel and without visiting the service

Alas, brake discs don’t last forever. As a result of friction, the surface of an important part gradually erodes, resulting in the formation of an edge. It, in turn, becomes the cause of squeaks during braking. It is possible to get rid of the unpleasant phenomenon with the help of disk shaping. However, not every driver understands that you can do shaping even in your garage with a minimum set of tools.

Important: this method is used by “garage craftsmen”. Self-fulfill it at your own risk. The method is DANGEROUS. In the process of working with a grinder do not forget about the use of personal protective equipment.

Is it possible to remove the edge on the brake disc without dismantling the part? The answer is yes. But it is worth noting right away that this operation is not at all safe. Therefore, resort to this method is worth only in case of extreme necessity, when other possibilities for solving the problem simply do not exist. For work you will need nothing: a jack, a wheel wrench, a wrench, a petal disk. The first thing to do is to lift the drive axle of the car. To ensure the safety of the working process, do not forget to put wooden pads. Next, with the help of a wheel wrench, remove the wheels.

After that, the anti-skid system in the car is turned off and the engine is started. The 5-speed gear is engaged. This is done for quick rotation of the wheels. Next, it is necessary to grind an edge on the front and back side of the brake disc. This is done with a grinder with a petal disc installed. The whole procedure takes about 2 minutes. It is very neat and smooth.

Are there any disadvantages to this method? Yes there are. Once again, it is worth repeating that the grinding method is potentially traumatic. The most dangerous is the part of the operation where the back side of the disk is reground. Another disadvantage is that you can remove the edge in this way only from the drive wheels.

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