How to reduce fuel consumption: 4 popular mistakes that motorists need to stop making

How to reduce fuel consumption: 4 popular mistakes that motorists need to stop making

No matter what happens in the oil market, but the cost of fuel traditionally only goes up. It would be even funny, if many citizens would not have to fill up their favorite “swallow” every few days and spend their hard-earned money for it. Alas, there is no single way or means, which allowed reducing the consumption of fuel at times. However, there are a few typical mistakes of drivers, which already increase fuel consumption.

Driving Mistakes

Fuel consumption depends, among other things, on driving style. Abrupt acceleration, frequent abrupt and emergency braking contribute to the fact that the car “consumes” more fuel. Aggressive driving may cause that even a 1.6 liter power unit will consume so much fuel, as if its actual working volume was 2-2.5 liters.

Errors in gear selection

A problem that directly relates to a motorist’s driving style. Often, even in the city, it is possible to move even in 4-5 gears, while respecting the speed limit. However, many drivers are in too much of a hurry, so they constantly choose the wrong gears and change them too often.

Mistakes in the construction of the route

Simple advice: always be open to something new! Including new routes. Today there is a “navigator” in literally every smartphone, and therefore building a road to the house on an electronic map should not be any problem. Sometimes it’s better to “sneak” through small streets, than to drive on the main road, and then get into a jam and burn fuel in traffic jams.

Mistakes in winter warming up

It is possible to look at fire, water and dispute endlessly. whether it is necessary or not to heat up a modern car in winter time. It is necessary to warm up, but the prolonged warming up considerably increases fuel consumption. Therefore, each driver is faced with a dichotomy of two chairs. On one – wear and tear of the engine and gearbox, on another – fuel consumption. It is better to try to sit on both chairs, choosing something in between.

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