How to update a steering wheel in a car with minimal effort

The steering wheel is one of the most visible elements of the car interior. Unfortunately, sooner or later its appearance becomes totally unacceptable. Materials of which the wheel is made lose their visual appeal: there are chips, cracks, scratches. In the future, it becomes unpleasant not only to look at such a wheel, but also to touch it with your hands. The situation can be corrected in different ways.

No one likes a steering wheel, the surface of which is covered with many cracks. Alas, any material deteriorates. Finding themselves in such a situation, some motorists even decide to fully replace the steering wheel. In this case, it is impossible to do without the help of specialists. Needless to say that such approach to the solution of the problem is not only the most labor-intensive, but also one of the most expensive.

The best way to update the ruble in the car was and remains its retouching with a new braid. Very often the retouching of the steering wheel is offered by numerous automobile salons as part of a complete replacement of the finishing materials. However, if an overhaul of the salon is not required, the motorist can replace the braid on the wheel by his or her own efforts alone, if he or she has the proper desire.

The complexity of the braiding depends on the particular braid. Some types of steering braids imply the need to work with thread and needle. However, it is much easier and in most cases better to buy a flexible braid, which can be stretched on the steering wheel as an ordinary cover. It does not even need any serious effort. It is also important that a wide range of accessories allows you to choose any color and design you like. Costs for the steering wheel covers are really cheap. The figures range from $ 7-10 and above.

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