How you can break an automatic transmission in a car in just 30 km of travel

Automatic transmission has tightly entered the lives of thousands of motorists. Not so long ago the automatic transmission was a curiosity and a sign of luxury, and today many motorists can not imagine their life without this kind of transmission. Moreover, one shouldn’t forget that the automatic transmission is more “delicate” than the manual one, to a certain extent. Some forget about it, that is why in a number of situations they break automatic transmission of their “swallow” literally for 15-30 km of run. What are they doing?

Automatic transmission is not designed in the same way as a manual transmission. For this reason, cars with automatic transmission have well-known problems with towing and any driving with activated neutral. As practice shows, many drivers forget about the rules of towing a car with “automatic”. First of all, it concerns those who have recently moved to automatic transmission. Violation of rules may cause the box to break in a few tens of kilometers.

For cars with archaic automatic transmissions, the rule was “50/50” when towing. This means that a car with an automatic while towing should not move more than 50 km/h and at the same time should not cover a distance of more than 50 km. In the case of modern cars equipped with automatic transmission the situation is not improved, but worsened. The rules of towing have become almost twice stricter. Now instead of “50-50” the rule “30-30” operates. The speed should not exceed 30 km/h, and the maximal distance should not exceed 30 km. Thus “neutral” in such conditions can be used only for two purposes: operative lifting of a vehicle on the car-wrecker or for driving off to the curb.

Violation of the rule “30 by 30” is fraught with the fact that scuffing will start to appear on the surfaces of the automatic transmission. It happens because the oil pump does not work at the moment of towing. In the sequel, scuffing may become the reason of failure of the whole gearbox. Such an “adventure” will end with an expensive repair. If it is necessary to tow someone else’s car, using a car with an automatic transmission, you should not forget about the principle of “reasonable sufficiency”. It is not necessary to try to make a feat and tow a huge SUV with the help of a small passenger car. There will be nothing good for a car with automatic transmission.

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