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The KfW development bank is currently subsidizing the purchase and installation of a wallbox in a home. Some models are available virtually free of charge.

The Federal Ministry of Transport’s measure is obviously hitting the mark – since the start of the new subsidy for private wallboxes, almost 100,000 applications have been received by the KfW development bank. Those who keep a close eye on the requirements and choose the right model can get their own charging point at virtually zero cost.

Above all, it is important that you do not fall below the total cost of 900 euros, because in this case there is nothing at all from the federal government. So the goal is to get as close as possible to 900 euros, because then you’ll end up paying nothing. Because not only the purchase of the hardware, but also its installation causes costs (which are also covered by the subsidy), it is advisable to get a cost estimate from an electrician you trust. By the way, it must be a specialist company, because this is also a condition for the successful application for funding. So you can’t connect it yourself.

Charging at home – for many, an electric car only makes sense (and rightly so) when this option is available.

Depending on the amount of the installation costs, you now select the appropriate wallbox model with which you will ultimately hit the 900 mark. The list of eligible models is long, so there is plenty to choose from. A Wallbe Eco 2.0s, for example, costs 486 euros and is thus suitable for all those for whom installation involves more effort. We have already summarized for you which requirements must be met for the subsidy to be granted. Together with a list of all eligible wallboxes, you can find out everything else HERE. Eight affordable wallbox models can be found in the photo show at the top of the article! Would you still like a suitable eligible electric car? Then take a look at our photo show below to see which vehicles are eligible.

BMW i3, Mercedes B-Klasse Electric Drive, VW e-Golf, Frontansicht


In the recent past, the ministry under Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer has not exactly covered itself with glory (yes, we mean you, dear toll). So it’s all the more pleasing to see something succeed for once. The wallbox subsidy should continue to be very popular.

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