Legendary car colors immortalized by history

McLaren Orange

Another color that comes from the world of motorsport – as do most brand colors. The color “Orange Papaya” appeared on the cars of Bruce McLaren in the late 60’s, at the time when his friendship with Danny Hulme. It was on an orange McLaren car that Hulme became the 1968 and 1970 Can-Am Series champion.

Since then, orange has been considered McLaren’s signature color – the company uses it on all of its new models and in endurance championships. Due to different sponsors, in Formula 1, McLaren has long been clothed in gray shades, but since this year has returned to the historic orange. Alas, so far, the “new old” livery does not contribute to the improvement of the team in the championship.

Lamborghini Verde

As said the former head of Lamborghini Stefan Winkelmann, the company’s signature colors are four – green, orange, yellow and black, with green being in the first place. This is understandable – all Lamborghini models without exception were painted in light green Verde. It became especially popular in the modern history of the company.

Now Verde Ithaca is one of the most popular painting variants for Aventador and Huracan models. Lamborghini had more than 15 shades of green throughout its history. There were about the same number of varieties of yellow.

Ferrari Rosso Corsa

Ferrari, along with Alfa Romeo and Fiat, is one of the pillars on which the motorsports history of Italy is based. Like all Italian racing cars of the pre-war era, Ferrari cars were (and are) painted red, since Enzo himself raced in scarlet Fiats. Due to the fact that Ferrari’s entire reputation is built on motorsports, the red color “stuck” to the Maranello company especially strongly.

The most famous shade of red at Ferrari for many years is the glossy Rosso Corsa – the very racing color, which was used to paint the first race cars. However, there are other shades of scarlet in the modern range of the company – for example, Rosso Scuderia (a slightly redder color, which is often used on modern race cars), Rosso Dino, rich Rosso Fiorano and others.

TVR Chameleon Blue

If you search for a car “not like all others”, then TVR company, in which even its company colors (there are three of them) are not such as at all – they are green, blue and red “chameleons”, definitely deserves attention. There is no racing or other background behind this story – just the top brass thought that this way the already unusual TVR will be even more interesting externally.

Now the company is on its way back to the world market after several years of oblivion. The first car of the new TVR should be shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show this fall. We can only hope that the colors Chameleon Blue, Chameleon Green, and Chameleon Orange will still be available for order.

Mercedes Silver Arrows

Silver isn’t a special color for road-going Mercedes (since Mercedes has barely had fewer shades of gray in its history than in a Sam Taylor-Jones novel), but when it comes to racing versions, there’s always one color choice for Mercedes. You’ve probably heard the legend about the origins of Mercedes’ Silver Arrows, when the paint was peeled off the W25 cars overnight to meet the weight standards before the Grand Prix. In fact, it wasn’t quite like that…

But the legend of the unbeaten Silver Arrows lives on in Formula One to this day, where the Mercedes team is the favorite for the fourth year in a row. But Mercedes-Benz sports cars for public roads try on the silver color lately much less often – neutral silver is increasingly replaced by bright colors: scarlet, yellow, apple green.

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