Not only Hilux: 5 solid pickups that can still be found on the market

Pickups are traditionally less popular than, say, SUVs. What is there, in recent years, cars in such a body have begun to actively lose ground in front of crossovers, even in the USA! And yet, a pickup truck cannot be called a useless car. Toyota Hilux remains one of the most popular models on the market. She earned such fame and recognition that she overshadowed many other interesting proposals.

Mitsubishi L200

To date, the “two hundredth” Mitsubishi is perhaps the main competitor of Hilux in the market. In some respects, this Japanese pickup truck is not only not inferior to the creation of Toyota, but even surpasses it. For example, this applies to the local Super Select all-wheel drive system and a 2.5-liter turbodiesel capable of withstanding up to 400 thousand kilometers without repair. Traditionally, the L200 has no complaints about gearboxes either. The choice of the buyer is both cars with “mechanics” and with “automatic”. The paintwork of the body is also at a high level.

Nissan Navara

One of the best options is Navara with a 2.5-liter diesel engine and a 5-speed automatic. With proper care, the unit can withstand 300 thousand kilometers. In general, the car is not fundamentally inferior in performance to the popular Hilux, while significantly outperforming Toyota in price.

Mercedes-benz x-class

Pickups on the market are represented not only by Asian manufacturers. According to its characteristics, the car strongly resembles the already mentioned new generation Navara. But at the same time, the “German” is qualitatively distinguished by richer equipment, luxurious design and interior. By and large, Mercedes-Benz has only one significant minus – the price. However, in the secondary market you can find decent deals with cars in good condition.

Volkswagen Amarok

Connoisseurs of German cars will say bluntly: Amarok is far from the most successful development of the guys from Volkswagen. Nevertheless, the model still copes with its duties better than some. In the secondary market, the car is most often found with a 2-liter turbodiesel with a return of up to 180 hp and a resource of up to 300 thousand km. There are cars with both “mechanics” and “automatic”. Both boxes are troublesome in their own way, especially when it comes to used cars. However, there is nothing critical. Based on a combination of factors, it is better to give preference to automatic transmission.

Mazda BT-50

And of course, when it comes to pickups on the market, one cannot help but think of such a Japanese car as the Mazda BT-50. Consider this model only as the cheapest and most affordable option. The car has a reliable 2.5-liter engine, high-quality body, reliable paintwork. The only problem with the “fifty” is not in the car itself, but in the fact that the cars presented on the secondary market, as a rule, already have a solid mileage. Also, when choosing, it is worth remembering that the BT-50 is not a luxury SUV or crossover, but an exclusively utilitarian car, a real “working pony”.

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