Popular Japanese crossover: a decent car for a modest budget

There are a lot of good quality cars on the car market. Many citizens mistakenly believe that for a modest budget you can buy only a car of bad quality. However, this is not the case. In the market you can find at least one very good Japanese crossover. What kind of car is it and when it appeared?

In our case we are talking about the Japanese crossover of American assembly Honda Element, which appeared on the market in 2003 and was put into production until 2011. The car is available with both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. Since its appearance, the Honda Element was positioned as a simple, fairly reliable and unpretentious car.

In addition to the price, among the undeniable advantages of Japanese crossover can be distinguished: high driving qualities, ground clearance of 175 mm, fully galvanized body, a fairly spacious interior with 5-folding seats. It is important to emphasize that with the folded seats in the interior of the Honda Element can carry virtually any cargo. At the same time the car has high reliability and good resource. The engine crossover easy to work out more than 300 thousand kilometers mileage, and gearbox serves all 350 thousand km.

Useful load Honda Element can reach 300 kg. At the same time the car can also pull a trailer with a mass of up to 640 kg. All this makes the Japanese crossover an excellent choice for avid gardeners. All cars are presented in two complete sets, base and improved. And in the cars of 2005 “base” corresponds to the improved configuration of 2004, due to the fact that on the market entered the machine of the model with even more rich equipment.

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