Review: A good-quality, inexpensive Toyota sedan that was almost overlooked in its day

Cars from the Japanese company Toyota need no introduction. It goes without saying that drivers have a couple of favorite cars, while many other models are left out of consumer’s choice.

So, meet the 2008-born, third-generation sedan produced through 2018 – the Toyota Avensis. At one time in the primary market, motorists almost completely bypassed this model. However, a few years later, they “tried it out” and began to disassemble it quite actively on the secondary market. At some point on the secondary market, the sedan took an intermediate position between the Camry and the Corolla. In 2011 and 2015, the car underwent two restylings.

Among Toyota Avensis’ unquestionable advantages we can point out high reliability, high-quality rust-resistant body, high safety level of the sedan, spacious interior and a trunk with a volume of 500 liters. The cherry on the cake is practically full indifference on the part of thieves. From the bright lacks, perhaps, it is possible to allocate only low 140-mm clearance and very cheap interior finishing materials. Of the most characteristic diseases of the model worth mentioning problematic bushing stabilizer (no more than 80-100 thousand km mileage), the bushes of steering (no more than 30-50 thousand km), quickly worn spline connection shafts, shortcomings in electronics and problems with electromechanical parking brake in the models before the restyling.

As for the filling, all gasoline engines of Toyota Avensis are atmospheric. There are three variants ZR-FAE, which differ by volume and power: 1.6 liter and 132 hp, 1.8 liter and 147 hp, 2 liter and 152 hp. They in turn can be under the volume of 1.6, 2 and 2.2 liters. All engines have problems with starting in cold weather over the years. One more trouble of almost all Avensis power units is an increased formation of sludge and oil consumption. The “flaming hearts” work with variator K111 which can run up to 250 thousand km. or with U660E/U760E automatics. It is possible to praise each of transmissions. All transmissions are “quiet” and “reliable”.

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