Rich equipment and consumption of 3.5 liters per 100 km: what car can boast such figures

When fuel prices only grow more expensive from year to year, every motorist is interested in the fact that the car consumes as little fuel as possible. However, it will not be possible to cheat the factory parameters. And so, in present conditions 3.5 liters of consumption per 100 km run sounds for a normal car almost like some kind of baize. However, it is not so. Exactly one such car makes the company Toyota.

Some should have already guessed that today we will talk about quite a well-known car – Toyota Yaris Cross. It is necessary to begin with the fact that it is a hybrid. In general, everything with the fuel consumption of hybrid automobiles is not so simply and sweetly as it would be desirable. The majority of crossovers with the 2-liter unit from Japan cannot boast at least any restraint in this matter. In the case of the former Soviet space, the high volume of engines also leads to an increase in customs duty. All this will ultimately fall not on shoulders, but on a purse of an end buyer.

The Yaris Cross, however, is a different case. Hybrid power plant with a working volume of 1.5 liters and 120 horsepower. Putting our hands on our hearts – the engine is not enough, but for the majority of citizens it will be more than enough in the matter of daily driving. For each 100 kilometers, according to the statement of producers the car consumes not more than 3.5 liters of fuel. Of course, all this is marketing fairy tales and data on paper. In practice, the car will consume a little more fuel. But this maximum is true for absolutely every car with combustion engine, which is on sale. Moreover, the consumption can vary depending on the conditions and technical condition. However, the starting point of 3.5 liters per hundred is a good result.

As for the drive, in Yaris Cross it can be either front, or all-wheel drive. Here is for the taste and color of the particular driver. The clearance of the automobile makes 17 sm. Though it would be desirable to see something more impressive. Still the roads are not Japanese in the majority of cases. However, it could be even worse. In many hybrids manufactured in the Land of the Rising Sun it makes even 15 cm.

The interior of the hybrid “swallow” deserves a separate mention. Most motorists will definitely like it. It’s modern, spacious enough and well equipped at the same time. In the photos on the network very often you can see the interior with the right hand wheel. Do not worry, “classic” versions with the left steering wheel are also available. The car also has a sufficiently large trunk – 284 liters.

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