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Formally, Polaris Sportsman 6×6 can not be attributed to the ATV, because it does not fit into the existing classification ATV – the number of wheels in this machine does not correspond to the term “quadro”. But we can safely say that this is ATV squared – an additional driving axle provides this machine outstanding cross-country ability.

If to harness a quivering doe into a cart, it will turn into a workhorse. From the point of view of motorcycle engineering, nothing is impossible. We take a well-established model of a popular ATV, a tipper body and another drive axle. Thoroughly mixed and we get an amazing by its characteristics vehicle.

Formally, Polaris Sportsman 6×6 can not be attributed to the ATV, because it does not fit into the existing classification ATV – the number of wheels in this machine does not correspond to the term “quadro”. But we can safely assert that it is ATV in the square – an additional drive axle provides this machine outstanding cross-country ability.

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In order to better understand the nature of this amazing creature, we went to the test, and took with us a donor, which is a classic sport utility ATV Sportsman 500 H. O.

It looks six-wheeled if not strange, then at least unusually. That is what the adrenaline generator can turn into! At a sight from aside these “one and a half quad bikes” look like a centipede. Such impression is mainly caused by close-settled wheels at almost total absence of front and rear overhangs. Immediately behind the rider’s saddle there is a solid body, almost square in shape, the rear board of which tilts back, hanging down on metal cables. By pulling the handles on either side of the saddle, it can be raised, making the Polaris look like a small construction dump truck. The body is spring-loaded and independently held open.

Unlike the standard Sportsman, the six-wheeler’s rear wheels are chain-driven – from the variator to the middle axle and then from it to the third axle. The suspension, which uses shock absorbers with progressively variable stiffness, is made dependent, unlike that of his “quadro”. There is no rigid connection between the rear axles, and therefore the axles can freely move relative to each other, which increases cross-country mobility and smoothness of movement on very rough terrain.

Of course, the ATV is more adapted to active riding than its six-wheeled modification. By the way, the index H.O. means increased engine power by 20%, which is achieved through the use of improved cooling system.

The Sportsman 500 H.O. transmission is equipped with the EBS system, which works in the following way: when you lose gas the ATV does not continue coasting, and engaging the brake reserves of the engine, it begins to slow down significantly. On slippery surfaces, the help of this system becomes especially valuable when the working brakes only cause blocking of the wheels, and the machine either ceases to obey the steering wheel, or begins to “wag its tail” – depending on what brakes are involved: front or rear.

The more sedate but less twirly Sportsman 6×6 is not as prone to do the wheelies. The extra axle makes the machine more stable on straights and provides better braking conditions. But the most important advantage of not superfluous wheels is revealed at all in deep snow: notwithstanding the additional half percent of weight, the six-wheeler has less pressure on the ground; and it takes special talent to make it stay fixed (up to the state of complete self-filling). However, it is hyperbole to put it on purpose. Accurate work on the gas pedal and rocking from side to side will help to save the car from snow captivity, once again confirming the thesis that to get stuck on ATV is impossible at all.

Polaris Sportsman 6×6 will appeal to those for whom recreation is also work. Or, in other words, a change of activity, not inactivity. If we turn to the terminology of the manufacturer, it is the ultimate hunting & farming ATV, that is an uncompromising vehicle for the hunter and farmer. But if it is still possible to imagine a hunter as the owner of a six-wheeled “Sportsman”, then it is impossible to find a farmer in the vast expanses of Russia, who would agree to exchange the “Belarus” and “Uazik” for a strange “centipede”.

Standard Sportsman is, first of all, speed in motion and wind in your ears. But not in the head – the powerful engine on this technically serious machine demands constant concentration and obligatory helmet.

However, it should be admitted that both Polaris are “Sportsmen” in one way or another. Except that a car with six wheels is a weightlifter, and a four-wheeler is a real sprinter. Both can give many hours of pleasure. And most importantly – neither of them will allow you to stay in a couch pose!

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