Skywell ET5: a new crossover with features that others do not have

Not so long ago in the capital there was a presentation of a new crossover of a curious brand, gaining more and more popularity in Europe. We are talking about a certain model ET5. Who is the creator of the newest crossover, when should it be expected on the domestic market and what kind of “chips” does the novelty have which according to the manufacturers and advertisers do not have others? Let’s try to understand.

The ballyhoo about electric cars was finished several years ago. However, absence of intensive talks on this topic doesn’t mean that nothing happens in this segment. On the contrary, this direction actively develops and each year the quantity of cars with hybrid and completely electric propulsion becomes more and more. The Chinese fellows do not lag behind the rest of the world in this field as they recently presented the newest crossover brand Skywell at the show in Moscow. ET5 model has been shown to the wide public. What is the “eastern gimmick” from China?

The ET5 crossover will be available for European customers in four configurations. Initially only two of them will be available. The third model will not be available until 2023. The main difference will be the use of a hybrid power plant. The rest of the ET5 will be fully electric cars. The first production model of the crossover entered the Chinese market back in October. And this means that very soon the electric car will appear in other countries. Experts agree that the Skywell ET5 is designed to oust the well-known Exeed TXL and Geely Tugella.

The first and most important thing that attracts Skywell ET5 against most competitors is a solid electric mileage. The maximum travel distance is 520 km already in the basic configuration. Among other interesting features are such interesting things as folding sun bed in the cabin, laser headlights, seat with ottoman, the presence of its own intelligent system Skylink and some other useful electronics designed to make the life of the motorist easier. The car is equipped with 15 autonomous functions and has Skyworth’s own state-of-the-art autopilot.

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