Stopped heating the car heater: 4 approaches to solve the problem

When the heater in a car starts to warm up badly or stops working at all, it means exactly one thing – the cooling system is choked with sediments and needs urgent washing. Certainly, the faulty furnace can have other variants. For example, a faulty thermostat or air plugs in hoses. However, both are noticeably less common.

What exactly is not worth pouring into the cooling system to flush?

In fact, each car needs its own flushing technique. All because different cars have cooling system parts made of different materials: ferrous metals, aluminum alloys and even copper. However, there is one “golden” rule, which is valid for all systems: it is impossible to mix two essentially different antifreezes! Besides it is strongly not recommended to try “ancient” ways with acid (acetic, lemon, milk etc.) and alkali (baking soda, soda etc.). Residues of these substances can cause irreparable damage to the system when in contact with antifreeze.

  1. Using distilled water.

The cheapest and at the same time the least effective means of flushing. First the coolant is drained out, and then distilled water is filled in instead. Then it begins to “race”. At the end of the procedure, the water is drained and new antifreeze is poured in its place. This method will help to cope only with light contamination.

  1. First we use running water and then distilled water

In essence, this is an improved version of the flushing described above. First, the antifreeze is drained from the system. Then, under pressure, tap water is supplied. The heater radiator should be dismantled and washed separately. When the pressure water flushing is done, completely repeat the method with distilled water described above.

  1. Flushing without heating

For realization of this method it is necessary to buy a pump for pumping of a cooling liquid. It costs about 1200 rubles, if you take it from the GAZelle. The pump is included in the cooling system of the car and is used for intensive circulation of liquid without heating of the motor. If you want you can even organize a closed circulation cycle for better flushing, but in this case you will have to make a home-made water filter from kapron stockings on the feed.

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