Ten manufacturers of dump trucks, impressive in size

There are a huge number of car manufacturers on the planet – famous and not so famous. But there are far fewer companies, which are engaged in production of special equipment, in particular dump trucks. However, it is not surprising, because not everyone will undertake to create machines, which by their very appearance strike the imagination. Here are “ten” manufacturers of dump trucks, impressive in their size.

BelAZ (Zhodino, Belarus)

BelAZ-75710 is the largest dump truck in the world.

On the post-Soviet space there is no more famous manufacturer of dump trucks, than the Belarusian Automobile Plant. This company was founded in 1948, and since then it continues to hold the status of one of the world’s largest concerns in the production of quarry equipment, underground mining machines, bulldozers, loaders and even airfield tractors: according to the Novate.ru editors, as of 2017 the share of BelAZ in the global market of quarry equipment is over 27 percent.

To be fair, it is worth specifying that Zhodino originally produced MAZ-525 dump trucks, and only in 1961 began assembling its first own model – the 27-ton BelAZ-540. Today the company produces 13 dump trucks, among which is a record-setter in dimensions – the model BelAZ-75710 with a carrying capacity of 450 tons.

  1. Liebherr (Biberach an der Ries, Germany)
German dump truck is a giant – Liebherr T 284.

This company was founded in 1949 by the German master builder and inventor Hans Liebherr. Totally the group of concern includes 130 subsidiaries, which produce a huge range of products: from construction and port cranes and equipment for the aviation and railway industry to machinery and household appliances. Actually, the Liebherr company today produces three models of dump trucks, the heaviest of which is the Liebherr T 284 of 2004 model, which is the second in the world for lifting capacity, after the aforementioned brainchild of BelAZ, it is 363 tons.

  1. XCMG (Xuzhou, China)
Chinese XCMG XDE400 dump truck.

Compared with other manufacturers of heavy machinery, the Chinese company XCMG appeared relatively recently, in 1989. However, this fact has not prevented him to take a fifth line in the list of the largest manufacturers of heavy machinery, and in China itself – the second position among the companies in this area. In addition, XCMG is engaged in manufacturing the widest range of heavy machinery, including five models of dump trucks, the largest of which is XCMG XDE400.

An interesting fact: the Chinese company, in an effort to expand the markets for its equipment, is not only turning to official dealers, but also puts ads for the sale of heavy machinery even on the online platform Alibaba.

  1. Hitachi (Tokyo, Japan)
The Japanese do not lag behind in the pace of heavy equipment production.

Actually, it is not surprising that the Japanese, who have long been ahead of the rest of the world in terms of technological development, were able to produce heavy equipment. Interesting is the fact that the corporation Hitachi, which has more than a thousand companies, in fact, produces almost everything that fits under the definition of “technological”: computers, household appliances, microchips, power tools, power plants, road-building machines and other heavy machinery. Moreover, some of the corporation’s companies are engaged in the production of medical products and the provision of insurance services. Actually, it is even logical, since the history of the company counts 110 years, 60 of which it is engaged in assembly of dump trucks, of which there are five models today.

  1. Terex (Westport, USA).

The American Terex TR100 dump truck.

Very soon the American company Terex, which was founded as a division of General Motors in 1925, will celebrate its centennial. The production facilities have 50 plants located on four continents. Terex is engaged in the creation of construction and industrial equipment: equipment for road construction, mining, oil, transportation, processing and utilities. For many years Terex has had the leadership in manufacturing the world’s largest mining trucks, but today the range consists of only four models.

  1. LiuGong (Guangxi, China)
In comparison with other dump trucks LiuGong SGR50 seems not so big.

The Chinese manufacturer of construction equipment, founded in 1958, is the tenth in the list of the largest companies in the world in this area. And among the creators of wheel loaders, it has long held a leading position in the world. But this company has not yet made progress in the production of dump trucks: at this moment, LiuGong produces only one model of this type – LiuGong SGR50.

  1. Caterpillar (Peoria, USA)
Caterpillar 797F is the largest dump truck of the company today.

It is another major American company, which was founded in 1925 and manufactures construction and mining equipment, as well as logging equipment loaders and diesel engines. The company has 480 divisions located in 50 countries on five continents. Caterpillar has a history of participation in World War II: the company performed military contracts for the U.S. Army. Among the wide range of heavy equipment to date, 17 models of dump trucks are produced.

Interesting fact: one of the side branches of Caterpillar is producing shoes.

  1. Beml (Bangalore, India).
Beml BH205E is India’s first mine dump truck.

Beml is India’s largest company that manufactures heavy road, mining and earthmoving equipment and trucks. It was founded in 1964, and until 1992 its only customer was the Indian Ministry of Defense. Beml ranks second among Asian companies producing earthmoving equipment. Today its range of dump trucks includes six models, the largest of which is the 205-ton Beml BH205E, which was the first, fully developed and produced in India.

  1. Sanyi (Changsha, China)
Sanyi SRT95C dump truck.

Another Chinese company that specializes in producing different types of road construction, quarry and oil producing equipment, as well as wind turbines and a number of power devices. In addition, it is one of the youngest companies in the market of dump trucks, because it was founded in 1989. To date, the Sanyi range in this area includes three models of machines with not the largest lifting capacity, the largest of which is the 95-ton Sanyi SRT95C.

  1. Komatsu (Tokyo, Japan)
Komatsu 980E-4 mine dump truck with a payload of 369 tons.

Komatsu is a large Japanese engineering conglomerate, engaged in the production of dump trucks of various types, among which can be found trolleys and autonomous drones, loaders, pipelayers, mining equipment, presses, and even military equipment. This year the company is celebrating its centennial anniversary. Corporation has 258 companies, located not only in Japan but also in Asia, Europe and America. To date, Komatsu makes 14 dump trucks, the largest of which is the Komatsu 980E-4.

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