The 10 most reliable “Japanese” in 2023, which you can safely rely on

For many years, the leading positions in the world for reliability and uptime are occupied by Japanese cars. The automobile website Hot Cars has published the top 10 most reliable cars made in Japan in 2023 according to J. D. Power.

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Lexus IS 2023 is recognized as the most reliable Japanese car. It has received as much as 92 points out of 100. And its “fellow” Lexus ES 2023, premium sedan, took the honorable third place. Its reliability was evaluated by experts with 87 points from 100.

Lexus IS is a sports car of the middle class. Earlier it was produced in the Land of the Rising Sun under the name Toyota Altezza, since October 1998. And under the name Lexus IS, this vehicle made its debut already in 1999 on the European continent.

Lexus ES is a business sedan, produced in Japan since 1989. Assembly takes place at the production facilities, which are located on the island of Kyushu. The models Lexus ES and Toyota Avalon have a common platform. The ES is an abbreviation of Executive sedan, which translates as “executive sedan.


The Japanese Nissan Murano was placed on the second line in the ranking with 90 points out of a possible 100. The sedan Nissan Altima took the sixth place with 84 points out of 100 possible.

The concern Nissan always amazes motorists with exclusive novelties. Cars of this manufacturer have an elaborate design of the body, powerful engines, excellent quality of the transmission and other advantages, not inferior to the legends of Japanese automobile industry.

Automotive concern Nissan has been producing cars since 1933. Most of the production comes to the Chinese market. Our compatriots appreciate the cars of this brand for their optimal ratio of quality and value.

In 1989, the year was marked by the opening of a Nissan subsidiary, which produces luxury cars Infiniti. Since 2016, Nissan is the owner of Mitsubishi, one of the leaders of the Japanese car industry.

At the same time, Nissan cars have disadvantages. One of them is a weak suspension, which is not adapted to the poor condition of roads. Yes, it provides good handling and stability of the car, but only in the conditions of smooth city streets.

On the concrete joints of country highways the joints of suspension fail quickly, because Nissan cars are not ready for big dynamic loads, which are caused by potholes and cracks on the roadway. So for frequent out-of-town trips it is better to consider Almera and Primera models.


Toyota 4Runner is on the fourth place in the J. D. Power. It was awarded 87 points out of a possible 100. The fifth place is occupied by Toyota Corolla with 85 points from a possible 100.

Toyota Corolla is a sedan, which is being renewed with enviable regularity. The popularity of the previous versions doesn’t decrease. Even after 5-10 years of usage they remain reliable and trouble-free.

The main advantage of the Corolla is its durability and adaptation to the roads. The car has a reliable suspension and is economical. In addition the motorists like the Corolla for its stylish exterior.

Of course, the Corolla has disadvantages as well as any car. Among them are:

  • Scarce basic equipment;
  • Dependence on a regular maintenance.

However, if you opt for Toyota Corolla, it will become your reliable assistant in moving along the city streets. It will not let you down neither in a traffic jam, nor on a free road.

Advantages of Toyota cars:

  • simple design;
  • No problems with spare parts and their democratic price;
  • high reliability;
  • ease of maintenance.

Toyota cars easily overcome difficult road conditions. They are equally effective in hot weather, freezing temperatures and thunderstorms. The new models are based on time-tested and proven designs.

Each Toyota vehicle is unique, it has its own face, which is easily recognized in the stream of cars. In addition to 4Runner and Corolla, Camry, Land Cruiser, RX300, Verossa models are popular. As for Toyota SUVs, they are considered the most reliable in the world.


The seventh and eighth lines of the rating are divided between sedan Honda Accord and parket Honda Passport. Their reliability was estimated by experts at 83 points out of a possible 100. Just one point behind the Honda CR-V. It has 82 points out of 100, and is in the ninth place of the TOP.

The Honda CR-V thanks to its unsurpassed technical characteristics, even in the used version, perfectly copes with the difficulties of the roads. In addition, motorists appreciate this model for its unique design. Good-quality, roomy car is ideal for family trips out of town. Breaks this Honda only 7% of 100% of cases, so it rightly enters the rating of the most reliable “Japanese”.

This car is equipped with a 2.4-liter gasoline engine. It consumes no more than 8 liters of gasoline AI-92 per 100 kilometers. The spacious trunk holds 522 liters of cargo. Consumers can choose from five options, the base is front-wheel drive. The car is well controlled and stable on any road surface.

Among the disadvantages of the Honda CR-V motorists call high cost, expensive maintenance, the need to put it on maintenance annually and difficulties associated with repairs.

So this vehicle can not be called economical, but its reliability is definitely not in question!


Mazda CX-5 is closing the ten most reliable Japanese cars in 2023, which got 82 points out of a possible 100.

Along with the CX-5, Mazda two, three and six are considered reliable. They show excellent quality even after two or three years of operation. However, they have a weak suspension, capable of enduring small suburban trips and driving on city streets. But the Mazda’s suspension cannot withstand excessive loads.

But if you regularly take care of the cars of this brand, they will become your reliable helpers for many years.

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