The 12 most reliable used hatchbacks that don’t cause owners too much trouble

We present a list of the most reliable used hatchbacks, compiled by British experts based on the results of a survey of 25,000 car owners of Foggy Albion. And the rating includes not only British-made cars. By the way, there is only one British car in this TOP. The rest are the works of car industry of other countries. These cars break down very rarely, you can buy them used without fear of serious difficulties in repairs.

Honda Jazz

The survey showed that the most reliable used car in the hatchback body, consumers consider the Honda Jazz of the previous generation (2015-2020 years of production). This Japanese car for the last two years has not given trouble to its owners. The car is appreciated for its practicality and spacious interior. In addition, it costs relatively inexpensive.

Toyota Yaris

Respondents gave the second place to Toyota Yaris of production years 2011-2020 (previous generation). Only 5% of respondents’ owners had problems with this car. But the problems in a suspension, exactly the most frequently complained about, were removed at services literally in a couple of days.

Suzuki Swift

A Japanese Suzuki Swift became the third most reliable hatchback. About 6% of respondents complained about battery problems. But this malfunction didn’t lead the cars to the failure so much, that they could reach car-care center only by tow-truck.

Mazda 2

Japanese Mazda 2 also named by car owners among the reliable used hatchbacks. The problems with this car was reported by only 8% of respondents. Most often they turned to services because of failures in electronics, but all faults were quickly eliminated within a day.

Kia Rio

In the UK itself these cars 2011-2017 are also in demand primarily because of the democratic cost. Of course, reliability also plays a significant role.

For two years of owning this Korean hatchback only 11% of drivers complained about the malfunctioning of the power unit, body, interior trim, suspension and electronics. Repairs in 80% of cases took one day and cost 50-300 pounds.

Citroen C1

The models of the French car brand Citroen C1 from 2014 to the present are recognized as reliable. These hatchbacks in the past two years were complained about by 12% of the respondents. Faults occurred in the engine, battery and brake system.

In 80% of the cases, the problems were fixed at the service in one week. Owners had to pay about £100 for this. But for 20% of owners of Citroën C1, repairs cost £500.

Mini Cooper

Owners of Mini Cooper from 2014 to the present participated in the survey. 13% of respondents complained about problems with gasoline-powered hatchbacks. Problems occurred in the engine, transmission and electrics. Cars of this model, working on diesel fuel, were less reliable and complained of them as much as 40% of respondents.

In 13% of cases, the repair was free for the car owners. But 25% of drivers had to pay about 1,500 pounds. But the repair itself was not delayed, and in 50% of cases it took no more than one day. The other half of car owners had to wait about a week.

Audi A1

The most reliable Audi A1s are considered to be used models of 2010-2018 years. At the same time, the interviewers heard complaints with problems with the car from 15% of the owners. They were not satisfied with the condition of the body, operation of electrics, fuel system and suspension. But the damages didn’t interfere the car’s operation. The warranty covered the repair costs for 14% of respondents. The rest paid £500-1,000.

Skoda Fabia

Reliability “Skoda Fabia”, produced in the period 2015-2021, exceeds this indicator of these cars of earlier years of production. However, even here is not without problems. The main faults are in the battery and air conditioner. 18% of the owners encountered them. But the lightness of these problems and the ability to operate the car with them allowed the Skoda Fabia to be in the list of the most reliable hatchbacks.

Usually, the repair didn’t take longer than one day, and its costs were covered by insurance in 9% of cases. Those who were unlucky paid £750 and even more than £1,500 for repairs. But such owners among respondents were few.

Kia Picanto

The Kia Picanto car belongs to the budget segment. This compact city hatchback consumes no more than 4.4 liters of fuel per 100 km of run. The third generation, presented in 2017 at the Geneva Motor Show, according to the results of crash tests of the European Road Safety Association, received high marks.

The updated subcompact got sporty elements of the front bumper, aggressive grille and angular front overhangs. All this gave the car a youth image. But with the significant changes in the architecture the car has kept recognizable forms of the body. The sports package is equipped with additional overhangs, spoilers and large wheels with the company’s logo.

The car is equipped with 1.0 liter 67 hp or 1.2 liter 87 hp gasoline engine. The power plant is aggregated with five-speed manual transmission or four-speed automatic transmission.

As for reliability, the Kia Picanto, which was produced from 2011 to 2017, is recognized as such.

Volkswagen Polo

If we talk about the reliability of the Volkswagen Polo hatchback of the period 2009-2017, the models with gasoline engines are recognized as the unqualified leaders of this brand – with diesel engines are far behind them in this indicator. Among those surveyed, 22% over the past two years gave their gasoline-powered cars for repair, while 44% of owners of Volkswagen Polo with a diesel engine faced the need for repair.

Faults were mainly in the engine, but a tow truck was not required. In 25% of cases, the cars were repaired under warranty. The other owners had to pay for repairs up to 500 pounds.

Ford Fiesta

The five-door Ford Fiesta completes the list of the most reliable used hatchbacks. This car is on the border between the budget and medium price segments.

The seventh generation was introduced in 2016. The Ford Fiesta B-Class hatchback, like the first models, has front-wheel drive. The updated version has LED headlights in the units. The new platform has increased the size, and now the rear row space has increased by 5 cm. Rigid hinged panels provide reliable noise insulation and protection from vibration loads.

The base version is equipped with the following elements:

  • Touch-screen display of the multimedia system;
  • all-around vision camera and blind spot monitoring;
  • assistant control;
  • motion sensors.

The last three options are included in the extended safety package. The car is equipped with a 1-liter gasoline or diesel engine. Gasoline engines have a power of 70 hp, 85 hp, 100 hp or 125 hp. The diesel engine is more economical – with a capacity of 1.5 liters it produces 85 hp. At the same time the version with a gasoline engine is more reliable than the diesel version.

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