The 16 most disappointing cars you wouldn’t buy a second time

Experts regularly conduct a variety of auto-related surveys involving thousands of drivers. In particular, the most disappointing cars of last year were named, whose owners would not buy them again under any circumstances.

Toyota C-HR

The compact parkette is ready to buy again only 29% of current owners. And this despite the fact that it is bright, stylish, ideal for an active way of life.

Perhaps precisely because it is too eye-catching, most motorists refuse it. In addition, drivers do not like the lack of power, weak engine, low ground clearance, poor side visibility, small trunk, poor quality of interior trim, poor noise isolation, uncomfortable placement on the back row, the lack of some useful options (in particular, heated steering wheel) and insufficient capacity of this car.

Ford Ecosport

Possession of this car in a positive aspect is evaluated only by 30% of motorists. That’s how many are ready to buy a compact Ford Ecosport with original appearance repeatedly. Among the disadvantages drivers note the cramped interior, insufficient visibility due to small windows and wide pillars, poor work of the regular heater, low-quality assembly, a small luggage compartment.

Chevrolet Trax

37% of respondents are ready to be loyal to this car. The mini-crossover for the American automobile market is equipped with a three-cylinder turbocharged 1.2 liter engine rated at 139 hp, which is aggregated with a six-speed automatic transmission. The owners are not satisfied with rigid suspension, low quality of noise isolation and absence of climate control.

Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport

Most owners of this five-seat coupe-shaped parkettes, which is larger than Tiguan but smaller than Touareg, regret buying it. Only 38 % of motorists are ready to buy this German SUV on sale in the West again.

For U.S. consumers, it is available with a turbocharged 2.0 liter engine rated at 238 hp or with a 3.6 liter diesel engine rated at 280 hp Both powertrains are paired with an eight-speed transmission. Owners note the low performance and lack of reliability of this car.

Mercedes-Benz GLB

This car is considered for re-purchase by 39% of the current owners. The vast majority were dissatisfied with this car. In spite of the fact that the producers position their brainchild as a luxury car with an expressive design and accentuate the system MBUX and seven seats as additional advantages, the drivers did not appreciate it.

They note the low level of noise insulation, uncomfortable seats, lack of electric seat adjustments and key access in the basic configuration.

Infiniti QX50

Japanese premium-class car with textured, textured and elegant body is ready to buy again 40% of surveyed owners.

This is the case when car enthusiasts are disappointed in expensive cars, giving preference to more budget models. They dislike the quality of components, wrong work of start-stop system, absence of a wheelbarrow in basic configuration, weak low beam, impossibility to disable all-wheel drive, and high fuel consumption. At offered not at all low price the car could be deprived of these disadvantages.

Nissan Rogue Sport

To continue to own cars of this brand expressed the desire to 42% of the current owners. On the market of North America subcompact made its debut in 2007. By the way, in Canada it continues to be called Qashqai.

Drivers do not like the low level of noise insulation, side mirrors with a huge blind spot, small luggage compartment, too simple interior. And also the appearance of the car was not satisfied.

Mercedes-Benz GLA

Again, 45% of motorists in Europe are ready to buy this German car. The luxury crossover was released at the end of 2013.

Among the disadvantages drivers note the lowered ground clearance, weak underbody, errors in safety systems, high fuel consumption, small volume of the luggage compartment, mechanical adjustment of the back of the seats, insufficient visibility through the windshield. It is especially inconvenient for tall drivers.

Jeep Compass

This nice SUV is considered for re-purchase by 46% of surveyed owners. And here’s why, in addition to the high cost:

  • Unattractive design;
  • poor off-road behavior;
  • low liquidity;
  • high fuel consumption;
  • low quality of electronics and plastic in the cabin.

Jeep Renegade

This car is ready to stay loyalty also for 46% of respondents. The compact SUV of SUV segment has a power of 110 hp. It accelerates to 100 km/h in 11.8 seconds. Average fuel consumption is 6 liters per 100 kilometers. The volume of the fuel tank is 48 liters.

But the owners are not satisfied with poor stability and handling at high speeds, low noise insulation, uncomfortable seat adjustment. And despite the claimed 6 liters per 100 kilometers, in reality the “Jeep” consumes 11 liters! The high fuel consumption is noted by all owners of this car.

Cadillac XT4

Only 47 % of present owners are ready to buy this car again. First of all the motorists are not ready for the compact format, unusual for this brand. There are also other claims:

  • low location of the front bumper;
  • Unfortunate suspension settings;
  • Insufficient volume of the trunk;
  • high fuel consumption;
  • Expensive to maintain.

Volkswagen Taos

The budget car from the famous German concern came out cheesy, despite the fact that the manufacturers tried to equip it according to modern needs. Due to frequent breakdowns, the Volkswagen Taos found itself in the ranking of the most problematic cars. Disappointment with the car is reflected in the fact that only 48% of respondents wanted to buy it again.

The owners point out poor visibility, “thoughtfulness” of DSG robot, improper work of a regular heater, and low seating position. The model is more attractive for female drivers, than for representatives of the stronger sex.

Kia Seltos

The budget South-Korean parkette pretended to the title of a hit.
But this car really disappointed the owners. Only 48 % of respondents are ready to buy Kia Seltos again. Here are some of its drawbacks:

  • Poor noise isolation;
  • Incorrect settings of adaptive cruise control;
  • Loss of settings of electronics;
  • Incorrect work of indicators of pressure in tires;
  • small mud flaps on the wheels;
  • blurring of the light and shade border at low beam;
  • stiff suspension.

Nissan Kicks

This car would be bought again by 49% of current owners. The family SUV was released as an alternative to the budget Juke, which turned out to be successful, but too flashy and expensive. As for Kicks, the owners are not satisfied with low engine life, discomfort with repair and maintenance, instability at high speeds, cramped interior, poor starting in cold weather and high gasoline consumption.

Kia Forte

This car would be bought again by 51% of the interrogated owners. In the third generation of sedan the chassis and power structure of the body have changed. The manufacturers have improved the electronics. But still the disadvantages couldn’t be avoided. Car owners are not satisfied:

  • weak paintwork;
  • Poor visibility through the windshield because of the wide pillars;
  • Poor quality of the leather upholstery;
  • rigid suspension;
  • low seating position;
  • noisiness.

Nissan Altima

In the rating this car is on the same line as the previous one, with a score of 51%. Car owners do not like the high fuel consumption, low ground clearance, poor interior trim, weak headlights, problems with spare parts in terms of how to find them, as well as the price.

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