The 5 fastest trains of our time, of which only one is European

The railroad has been and remains one of the most important means of transportation. Every day, thousands of trains carry a variety of cargo and numerous passengers. The speed of a train plays a large role in transportation. The five trains below are the absolute record-breakers in this field. But the most important thing is that all these are not any experimental vehicles, but quite a production model.

L0 Series Maglev

Country: Japan

Top speed: 603 km/h

The fastest modern train now runs in Japan. It was created back in 2011 by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. The train on a magnetic suspension is in the department of the Central Japan Railway. To date, already built 14 such trains

CRRC Qingdao Sifang

Country: China.

Top speed: 600 km/h

One of the oldest Chinese enterprises Sifang, founded in 1900 and engaged in production of trains, is rapidly catching up with its Japanese competitors. The train also uses magnetic suspension technology. Tests of the latest train took place in 2021, which recorded a high result of the speed.


Country: France

Maximum speed: 575 km/h

At the moment the only European train in the top five of the fastest trains on the planet Earth. Produced by Alstom. To date 19 of such cars were made. In contrast to the trains described above, POS runs on good old rails.

CRH380A Hexie

Country: China.

Maximum speed: 486 km/h

Another superfast train from the Celestial Empire. Today, almost two dozens of Hexie trains are produced and actively operated on Chinese railroads. Half a dozen companies produce these trains. However, the co-creator company is considered to be Bombardier Transportation.

Shanghai Maglev

Country: China

Top speed: 431 km/h

Closes the five fastest commercial trains of the planet with another magnetic cushion train from China. In due time only two such trains were produced, but they are used in Celestial Empire up to this day. Shanghai trains are quite old. Both are over twenty years old.

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