The 5 most reliable Chinese cars that dispel the opinion that cars from China are of low quality

As practice shows, Chinese-made cars, in addition to functionality and comfort, may also have high reliability indicators, along with the leading European brands.

The degree of reliability is determined based on the parameters of safety in general, the durability of its components, as well as maintainability and availability of spare parts. What Chinese cars meet all the criteria of the most reliable cars in the world?

Geely Atlas

The cars of this model of the famous brand Geely today have a sufficient number of kilometers run to judge for sure about their reliability.

When creating the Atlas there were two objectives – to create the most trouble-free car for an average buyer, and to outline a new round of development for Chinese automobile industry, which also marked the beginning of a completely new history of automobile industry in China.

Atlas was developed by the whole world. Leading Chinese and European engineers were involved in the design. The design of the car incorporates advanced technology, proven in the best quality models such as Toyota and BMW.

This is probably why the Geely Atlas was named the safest car according to NCAP. During the tests the Chinese car got the maximum score, and judging by the user reviews, up to 150 thousand kilometers its mileage was free of any complaints.

It is not terrible to take Atlas with all-wheel drive. Borg Warner electromagnetic clutch has enormous safety factor which has been repeatedly proved by German car makers. In combination with an unbreakable suspension Atlas turns into a reliable off-roader, which is already loved by villagers.

Repairability at the highest level, excellent quality paintwork, excellent build quality, availability and cheap prices on components, most of which were created on the basis of Japanese and European spare parts. Even the most picky auto experts called Atlas incredibly strong, safe and one of the most reliable cars of our time.

FAW X80 Besturne

About the reliability of this car says one very important fact. X80 from the company FAW has a phenomenal demand in the native Chinese market, which can not be said about other brands of cars.

Chinese obsessed with safety and reliability and for domestic consumption are trying to make only high quality things, so the reliability of the crossover can not be any doubt.

This is one of the few cars, the technical equipment of which is almost entirely made with the participation of Japanese engineers. Needless to say, the X80 has a platform of the famous for its reliability and safety Mazda X6.

Not surprisingly, the sensational rating C-NCAP has awarded FAW Besturne X-80 highest scores after crash tests in frontal, side and impact with a shift of 40 percent – the most dangerous type of frontal collision.

Modesty of technical equipment may disappoint, but good news – FAW X80 can not be bought with an unreliable engine or transmission – it will always be present a single power unit, which will never break, and gearbox with increased safety margin.

Chery Tiggo 4

Why not the 7th or 8th generation Tiggo, whose cars do not get tired of surprising the world public? It’s simple – Chery Tiggo 4 back in 2005 showed its capabilities in terms of endurance and safety, and during its 17 years of production has never broken tradition.

The reliability of the current generation of the Tiggo is being compared by automotive experts with the equivalent crossovers from KIA, and this is a serious statement. In fact, for example, the KIA Seltos, which is often compared to the Tiggo, breaks records for reliability and is one of the top most reliable crossovers in the world.

This is one of the few Chinese cars of the budget class, which has absolutely all kinds of airbags, including curtains and knee protection, in the basic configuration.

But what really speaks in favor of the Tiggo 4’s unprecedented reliability is the fact that leading specialists from Land Rover and Jaguar participated in the development of the platform. Few people know, but they managed to create one of the strongest bodies in the world – such that in serious accidents at speeds above 90 km per hour passengers and driver remain alive and the car is still recoverable.

The fact that engines in this automobile are capable to groove like nuts one hundred thousand kilometers after another is already an established fact, but another pleases is a simple, reliable and trouble-free Japanese variator, as they say, without comments.

Chery Tiggo 4 is loved by private carriers for its incredibly strong suspension. Reviews of real buyers stubbornly say that “killing” the Tiggo’s chassis is a difficult task. By the way, the fourth Tiggo was the first car that seriously began to fight for Chinese quality, dispelling the myths about bad cars from China. This is evidenced by the unprecedented demand for Chinese cars around the world.

Great Wall Hower H5

If we talk about complete Chinese SUVs, the most reliable, according to auto experts, is considered exactly H5 Hower from Great Wall. According to experts, the most reliable are the models of 2018 release.

First, despite the fact that it is a real all-terrain vehicle, the Hower H5 has established itself as one of the most maintainable cars in the world. Inexpensive spare parts, simple and clear assemblies, which can be repaired even by an amateur. There are tens of cases in the net, when drivers without technical experience repaired diesel engines and overhauled the chassis, and it is an SUV for a second!

According to the users’ information, at 150 thousand kilometers Hover need to service the fuel system, after 250 thousand may knock out the cylinder-head gasket, and this is the biggest problem with the car.

As always, among technical equipment one can find a good old automatic transmission that does not break down, and the whole line of reliable engines, the problems with which are unlikely to ever arise with proper maintenance at an official dealer.

Platform from Mitsubishi Padgero speaks of safety, reliability and durability of the car as a whole. Many elements of the running gear as interchangeable with parts of the Japanese SUV, in their quality and reliability can not be any doubt.

Speaking of safety, in all kinds of tests Euro Ncap Hower H5 has received the highest points, with the high degree of protection of the driver and passengers in frontal and side crashes was separately noted.

Zotye T500

This car, which many have heard about, but few understood what it is, today breaks the world records of reliability and safety on a par with Japanese and European brands.

As always, 5 stars of NCAP, fast trouble-free petrol engine with 156 “horses” and the same “automatic device” with six gears, which durability already ring legends.

A strong, reliable suspension, high maintainability, low prices for components – it is already the norm for Chinese cars.

The car has the advanced safety systems, including adaptive cruise control, night vision, tire pressure control and the whole 6 airbags.

Auto experts assert that one should try hard to get in an accident at Zotas, as manufacturers have equipped the vehicle with maniacal desire to save lives of a driver and passengers even in desperate situation.

The T500 is equipped with the legendary engine from Mitsubishi in a new version, with which, by definition, there can be no problems. Reliable “mechanic” or “automatic” allows to pass colossal kilometers without repair, and the equipment and quality of the interior give the right to seriously declare that Zotye T500 2018 is much more interesting than even the latest model of Tiguan.

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