The 5 most reliable German-made cars, despite high mileage

Undoubtedly, every car owner dreams of buying the most reliable and trouble-free car.

It used to be thought that such concepts as reliability and durability are associated with German cars. But is it so in today’s reality?

Mercedes Benz GLE

Yes, and to this day in the modern automobile market you can find quality benchmarks, and such an example today can be Mercedes Benz GLE. The brand new modification of this car is aimed at correcting old mistakes, so there can be no doubt in the reliability of this machine.

To increase confidence in the durability of the power units, you should pay attention to the diesel OM 656 and gasoline M256 engines, which have had no problems during the entire operation time.

The cars equipped with these new engines have already driven more than 150 thousand kilometers. The manufacturers and all auto experts unanimously say that the reliability will be fine here in the future, and we really want to believe it, because Mercedes shows it in practice.

The popular automatic transmission 9G-Tronic has the declared maximum service life of 200 thousand km without repair. However, practice shows that if such a box is properly looked after, if you change oil every 60 thousand km, do not test its durability, properly operated and serviced by an authorized dealer, the life can be almost doubled.

Suspension is relatively simple and reliable, time-tested.

Therefore, today we have one of the most reliable representatives of Mercedes with proven engines and transmissions, simple and reliable suspension, as well as in a very high-quality assembly, the reliability of which can no longer be doubted.

Volkswagen Touareg, restyled version

The car has a common platform with Porsche, Audi and Lamborghini, which is very reliable in all respects.

As for the transmission, there is “automatic” ZF – hardy and very pulling, which is able to withstand enormous loads. Safety margin of this unit is up to 3,5 tons over curb weight of the car. The transmission mode is able to adjust to the driver’s driving style, thus increasing the service life of power units and suspension.

The night vision system allows you to see obstacles on the road in the dark, to warn of emergency situations, including in automatic mode. It is not recommended to trust the control of lane keeping – the car can turn out to the opposite side. Otherwise, the safety is up to the mark.

Pneumatic suspension of open type is simple and does not cause any problems to its owner during the whole period of exploitation – moreover, it saves resources of suspension and protects it from destruction on bad roads.

The cast-iron block of the 3-liter diesel engine is reliable and durable, time-tested. During the 12 years of production no serious problems have been revealed.

The car is equipped with intuitive safety systems, which makes it even more reliable. For example, the automatic braking system, which will not allow you to crash the car on the obstacle in front.

Mercedes Benz c180 2019

This is the best-selling C-Class car in the world, which means the automaker just has to make it reliable and predictable.

The 274 engine does not bring big problems. Chain replacement may be required at 120 thousand km, other problems with the engine simply do not exist by definition. In addition, it is one of the most reliable motors in the world, according to auto experts. Of course, a million kilometers it will not run like earlier issues of Mercedes, but for 300-400 thousand kilometers without serious repair can be counted. For a modern car it is a serious statement.

The automatic transmission 9G-Tronic has nine speeds – it perfectly adapts to the driving style of a particular driver, which additionally saves its resource. There are no global problems, if you change oil in time and have it serviced by an authorized dealer at the slightest hint of malfunction.

All units and assemblies are made in such a way that even at the beginning of intensive wear the car can be exploited for a couple of months without any problems, in general, until complete “dying” of a unit or a node. It indicates an increased degree of reserve of durability of all details of the machine as a whole. If everything concerning service, do it correctly and in time, it is possible to own this automobile for a very long time without extra expenses and headaches.

The AMG package includes blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and many other safety systems, which makes this car even safer.

The reliable LED optics, excellent, high-quality assembly, noise insulation, smooth acceleration and braking, protection from skidding, warning of a possible, including the most dangerous, side collision – all this is aimed at ensuring that the reliability and safety of the car was confirmed in practice in real situations.

Audi a4 B9

This car shall be considered with the most trouble-free petrol engine of 1,4 liters capacity. Simple, light and not once proved its reliability the power unit will be able to surprise with high mileage and unpretentiousness in service.

With the 2-liter capacity petrol engine with 190 or 249 hp there should be no problems too, but the owner of such car risks to “get” the high transport tax.

The gearbox is DSG robotized – very good, reliable, finalized after the last unsuccessful versions. Under the condition of correct exploitation it works 200 -250 and even more km with no hint of any problems. It is not recommended to use variator due to its increased “problematic nature”.

The running gear has run up to 200 thousand km without repair, and if you drive the car carefully and precisely it can be more. The owners of Audi A4 B9, buying cars at 150-190 thousand km mileage, noted the need to replace the shock absorbers – as a rule, this is the biggest expense on this car at such mileage.

Audi a4 B9 comes with all-wheel drive, and the service life of transfer case with driveline assembly exceeds 250,000 km, which is quite good, while the car itself is able to pass up to 500,000 km without serious problems.

Opel Insignia

What is 500 thousand kilometers for a German? For Opel Insignia it is like the second breath. As noted by the owners of this car, during such a solid run, the most serious intervention may be the need to change the oil pump gasket every 100 thousand kilometers.

The 2.0 diesel has no problems with its timely maintenance. This car is supplemented with a reliable transmission, which has practically no faults during the whole service life. The only thing that can cause a headache is the adaptive Flex Ride suspension. That’s why it’s recommended to pick up a car with a conventional suspension – it’s easier to maintain, reliable, and long-lasting.

The car as a whole requires careful attention, because its main “disease” is in leakage of technological fluids through gaskets, which can lead to disastrous consequences. But in general, to monitor the condition of the gaskets is simple – this phenomenon is quite rare, and the work of replacing the gaskets is not complicated and can be carried out in a regular service.

It is worth noting the intelligent lighting of the road at night, including cornering lights, automatic light adjustment when approaching an oncoming car, as well as a very long and trouble-free operation of the optics.

The car has a 5-star safety rating, according to EURO NCAP. It has a lot of space, especially in the trunk. Excellent handling, reliability and durability. Many auto experts seriously claim, that Opel Insignia is one of the most underrated cars in the world.

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