The 6 highest quality used SUVs that don’t give their owners any trouble

Lovers of big cars can’t always afford to buy a new SUV. Therefore, it makes sense to consider used SUVs on the secondary market. But it is worth considering cars no older than 10 years old, because their resource of reliability will be at a proper level.

The rating of powerful, roomy, comfortable used SUVs by quality and reliability is based on the following factors:

  • reviews of car owners;
  • frequency of service stations;
  • the most widespread typical breakages.

Our top did not include SUVs produced by little-known manufacturers, as their reliability rating is not confirmed. The same SUVs, which are present in our list, are distributed not by superiority, but by random choice. So there are no clear leaders and outsiders here. All cars have the right characteristics, but belong to different cost categories.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 120

It is the “younger sister” of Toyota Land Cruiser 100. Unlike the previous version, it is more compact and cheaper, but no less reliable. Prestige car is popular in the secondary car market. This is evidenced by the large number of views on various services.

“Land Cruiser” has exceptional reliability and monumental appearance. The car in the popular configuration is equipped with multimedia system, climate control, heated front seats and six airbags. More expensive variations are equipped with eight airbags, as well as rain and light level indicators.

Due to its relatively low weight and high bumpers, the car can easily overcome stony hills, not to mention the excellent driving on forest roads after the rain. In general, this car has perfect off-road characteristics. But it is also easy to move around the city and country highways due to the powerful motor.

You can use all-wheel drive all the time. Thanks to this, stabilization on slippery road surfaces is provided.

The base configuration has a 2.7-liter 163-horsepower engine. But it is weak for a two-ton all-terrain vehicle. Therefore it is better to take the auto with a 4-liter engine. It consumes about the same amount of fuel, but provides better dynamics while driving. And its power of 249 hp fits into comfortable parameters on taxation.

The merits of the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 120 include slow loss in value, long engine life, and high reliability of all-wheel drive. Disadvantages: poor equipment models with 2.7 and 3.0 TD engines, strong bias on bends, weak braking system.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Popular in the 2000s, the SUV with a 2.5-liter engine is still in demand. The bodies of these cars are practically untouched by corrosion, and the engine can go thousands of kilometers.

Comfort at high speeds on the roads with gravel and earth is provided by the long-running suspension. If the car is stuck with one side in the mud, the self-locking rear differential will pull it out.

Despite the prefix Sport, this car does not have sports looks. It is classical jeep of standard design. But, undoubtedly – powerful, serious, simple and trouble-free.

Advantages: unpretentious to the quality of fuel diesel engine, reliable gearbox, solid frame. Weak electronics of automatic transmission and frequent failures of front drive connection mechanism can be referred to disadvantages.

Suzuki Grand Vitara

The exterior of this car is plain, but running performance is at a proper level. Grand Vitara is a reliable and durable Japanese SUV with a powerful motor, unpretentious in service and affordable in budget.

Rust on the body you will find only in very old cars or have participated in accidents. Under the condition of vigorous use of full drive it is possible to break a crossover. As a whole Grand Vitara has no problems.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

This is the famous “Gelendwagen”, about the reliability of which there are legends, which is not surprising, because originally the car was designed for military purposes. The W463 version, which is most often found on the secondary car market, has a transfer case, three lockable differentials and permanent four-wheel drive separately for each wheel.

The 2.3-liter unit with 122 horsepower is the most widespread. If you want you can buy a copy with a twin-turbocharged 612-hp 6-liter engine, but it will cost much more. Also you should remember that all “Gels” are exorbitantly fuel consuming.

Nissan Patrol

This diesel all-terrain vehicle is the best option for forest rangers and rally-raiders. In addition to the powerful power unit, it is equipped with a strong frame, one-piece axles and transfer gearbox with downshift gear. Due to this, the car easily outperforms more expensive competitors on capital off-road.

The advantages of the Patrol are a reliable engine, leather interior and climate control in rich configurations, indiscriminateness to the quality of fuel. Disadvantages: jolting on roads with poor pavement, the need to replace the wiring in older models. In addition, it is better not to drive a Nissan Patrol for a long time with all-wheel drive.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

One of the oldest and most reliable SUVs. “Grand Cherokee” has become a household name for the entire segment. On the aftermarket you can find models of three generations. They were mainly produced in the U.S., but there are European and Chinese copies, so you need to choose very carefully.

All Cherokee Jeeps are equipped with an automatic transmission. The most reliable is the five-speed from Mercedes.

The car has excellent off-road performance, but it is necessary to monitor the condition of gaskets and seals in the drive, as they often fail. Also, with frequent off-road driving, the front levers suffer.

How to choose a used SUV

  1. Choose a vehicle no older than ten years. Three to five years is best. After ten years, even in the most reliable SUVs the “bottlenecks” appear, and this is fraught with sudden breakages.
  2. Also pay attention to the run. If the car has passed more than 500,000 km without engine repair, it is a great rarity. Therefore do not consider for purchase rovers with run more than 350 000 km.
  1. Consider buying an off-road vehicle without tuning dodger, winch, centralized wheel inflation and other special equipment. Such equipment most often indicates that the car was exploited in extreme conditions, and this has undoubtedly led to the utmost wear and tear of the engine, gearbox and suspension.
  2. Approximate cost of an SUV up to five years old with mileage up to 200,000 km – 75-80% of the original price. A car five to ten years old with mileage up to 350,000 km will cost about 65-70% of the starting price. And a car over ten years old with mileage over 350,000 km – at half the original price. But this does not apply to retro cars. They cost much more.
  3. Find out in advance how much the spare parts and servicing of your chosen car will cost. Compare prices in online stores and authorized service centers. It may turn out that an expensive SUV will have to be repaired very rarely, and a budget one – often, so in the end it will cost more.
  4. Choose your car with consideration of real cross-country ability. You will not find this information in the technical documentation. Heavy and powerful cars do not always have better cross-country ability than light and compact ones. When choosing based on reviews and reviews of owners.
  5. Do not be lazy to check the selected SUV at the service station and arrange a test drive. Unscrupulous sellers often twist the mileage, hide significant damage and consequences of accidents. It is quite understandable, because you can earn more money with a powerful, expensive car.

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