The Battle of the Powers

How much water has passed since when the heroes of the column “Adrenaline” were members of the order of waterfowl? Quite a bit. But navigation is open again and it means that it’s time to take wetsuits out of the closets.

This autumn the producers of aquabikes have set themselves a goal to catch up with the lost water. Judge for yourself: this year several companies unveiled models with supercharged engines. The armaments race turns into a world war: the struggle for power has led to the use of a new, hitherto unseen in the world of jet skis weapon – the compressor. Aren’t you scared? Then we present new models of the water season`2003. And we look forward to next year when – according to our optimistic forecasts – jet-powered aquabikes will appear on the market.

Sea-Doo GTX 4-TEC Supercharged
Polaris MSX 140 H. O.
Polaris MSX 150

Sea-Doo GTX 4-TEC Supercharged
The company Bombardier, which owns a “water” brand Sea-Doo, already does its utmost to produce aquabike, which can be safely considered the most powerful among the serial jet skis. Basically, the model GTX 4-TEC appeared last year and became the first four-stroke “aqua-bike” of the company. If it were not for the word Supercharged…

This model is interesting, first of all, with its engine. The engine is really unique. Four-stroke 3-cylinder Rotax SOHC with multipoint fuel injection and closed loop cooling system is equipped with a mechanical supercharger. As a result, the engine power has increased from 155 hp to a mind-blowing 185 hp!

A serious engine needs a serious body. GTX 4-TEC SC has everything in its arsenal to claim the title of “the most-most jet-ski”: the system of passive steering O.P.A.S., which improves maneuverability of aquabike in the absence of draft on the water course, a lowered landing step, multifunctional information center and so on – the list of standard equipment was made by the principle “all must be included”.

Sea-Doo XP DI
The famous XP, a favorite of athletes and just hotheads, rides the waves of progress. One of the lightest, most compact and maneuverable watercrafts (let’s not take into account standing models) has got a new engine, modern and environmentally friendly.

The highlight of the two-cylinder, 130-horsepower Rotax is the Orbital Direct Injection system, which allows you to achieve unprecedented for carbureted engines economy and environmental performance. In addition, the injection is also a confident start and smooth operation at idle rpm. But the disadvantages are not detected.

But the main thing is that the XP DI remains a two-stroke. That means it is still so light and responsive. Yes, and other “xpish” joys remain with it: and V-shaped bottom with hyperbolic profile that provides excellent handling, and patented active suspension seat.

Like other models Sea-Doo, XP DI is equipped with the Learning Key system: “in addition” to aquabike is given an additional key, which limits the maximum speed, so that beginners and inexperienced riders can learn to safely manage the powerful “sportsman”.

Polaris MSX 110
The 110th model opens the range of Polaris’ new mid-size jet skis. MSX body, resembling a dolphin, can accommodate up to three people. In addition to the very unusual design, the new models have such timeless aquabike values, such as stable and predictable behavior of the jet ski in different modes and increased buoyancy.

The model index stands for engine power. Just a few years ago, motors over 100 hp were considered the prerogative of sport aquabikes, but today – look out the window! – The 110-horsepower model opens up the range of family trikes.

The new four-stroke engines Polaris Liberty Marine with turbocharger have all the advantages of four-stroke engines, but have retained many of the advantages of “two-stroke”, the main of which is the small mass of the power unit. The use of turbocharging allowed to achieve high power ratings at a modest liter, which is only 750 “cubic”.

Polaris MSX 140 H. O.
As you might guess, the engine MSX 140 H. O. O. engine develops 140 hp, and without any turbocharger. The engine of this Polaris is equipped with a direct fuel injection system – carburetors are in disgrace nowadays. And rightly so. The new Polaris Liberty Marine 1200, with three cylinders, each coated with Nicasil Alloy, offers low fuel consumption, combined with high power, greater reliability, and environmental sensitivity.

The high-flow fuel injectors provide instant response to throttle opening, prevent fouling during prolonged idling and guarantee high efficiency and clean combustion.

In addition, the engine MSX 140 is characterized by a smooth character of work, and the fact that the maximum torque develops in a fairly large range of revolutions – it is very convenient in terms of towing “skier”.

Polaris MSX 150
Like the two previous models, the MSX 150 combines refined style and high power – perhaps the highest among Polaris. Everything is new: both the body and the engine.

Four-stroke engine of the new turbo era develops 150 hp, allowing you to use the aquabike for quiet-sized travel, and as a sports projectile. The engine is a product of high technology, without which a modern jet ski is simply unthinkable: multipoint injection, electronic throttle control, lubrication system with a dry sump … MSX 150 fully meets the strict requirements of California standards for environmental protection, and the manufacturer takes the liberty to claim that this aquabike is one of the most environmentally friendly and silent ships.

Yamaha WaveRunner FX 140
Yamaha WaveRunner GP 1300R
Sea-Doo XP DI

Yamaha WaveRunner FX Cruiser
Yamaha’s new FX Cruiser grew out of last year’s FX140. This aquabike was the world’s first four-stroke jet ski at the time. The Cruiser can accommodate three people, including the helmsman, on its back. Aquabike has several trunks with a total capacity of 102 liters (almost like some small cars!), one of which can even accommodate a refrigerator, and the other – a special holder for bottles of drinks.

The large Cruiser will be quite good in a role of family “waterman”: comfortable, powerful, load-carrying… The “power value” of the engine is quite enough not only for impetuous flights over water smooth surface in proud solitude, but also for towing the skier: the jet ski is equipped with Yamaha MR-1 engine, and it means multipoint injection, four cylinders, 20 valves and 140 powers. The design, to put it bluntly, is not an easy one, but it’s worth it: the manufacturer claims that the engine is not only extremely tractive, but also quiet and economical. And, as always, reliable as Yamaha.

Yamaha WaveRunner GP 1300R
If, speaking about FX Cruiser, it was possible to rant about such family values, as total volume of places for luggage, so, reading the description of new racing GP 1300R, it is possible to regret the absence of higher technical education: the level of technologies, applied in the most powerful Yamaha aquabike is really space. Five seconds – normal flight!

The heart of the GP 1300R is a two-stroke three-cylinder engine with a displacement of 1296 cm3 and 165 horsepower. The engine is equipped with the Y.P.V.S. system, which changes the valve opening time, increasing the maximum output throughout the rev range and making the engine more responsive with the gas pedal. Another electronic engine management system, Y.E.M.S., can change fuel mixture composition, ignition advance angle and so on, allowing it to perform a variety of functions. In particular, the system helps control the jet ski even when the rider drops the throttle. In addition, the engine is equipped with a very advanced oil injection system…

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