The fastest Alfa Romeo


40-60 HP Aerodinamica

Although the 40-60 HP Aerodinamica was a single model, it would be wrong not to include it in the list of Alfa Romeo’s fastest road models. Thanks to the Castagna droplet body, this favourite of Count Marco Ricotti of Milan could accelerate to 139 km/h – and that in 1914 with 73 horsepower! During the World Wars, the chassis of this unique car was lost, but the original body was preserved, thanks to which an exact replica was built in the 70s. Now it is on display in the Alfa Romeo museum.

8C 2900B Lungo Touring Berlinetta

Modifications of the 8C have also shone at circuit tracks, mountain trails and social gatherings. Because they were both fast and elegant. Among the civilian variants, it’s hard to single out the fastest version, but perhaps the best contender for that title is the 8C 2900B Touring Berlinetta from the late 1930s. Beneath the elegant body was an elongated racing chassis and a 180 horsepower inline eight-cylinder compressor engine. This combination allowed the Lungo to accelerate to speeds under 180 kilometers per hour. Now such cars can cost more than $4 million.

Giulietta Sprint Speciale

A fast car does not necessarily have to be very powerful – Alfa Romeo Giulietta Speciale clearly proves it. The homologation number of 100 copies, the car had a modest 1.3-liter engine with a Weber carburetor. However, the low weight of 860 kilograms and excellent aerodynamics (drag coefficient of 0.28) allowed the sporting Juliette to reach 200 kilometers per hour. In the late 1950s!

Gulia TZ

Initially the Gulia TZ was created with racing in mind, but some of these ultimatum coupes were also “civilian” – thanks to homologation. The difference between road and racing versions was reduced only by the engine: in civilian specification in-line four with two camshafts and two plugs per cylinder developed 120 horsepower, while in the combat version – 160. But even with less power the lightweight Gulia TZ (dry weight 650 kg) could reach 215 kilometers per hour. In addition to the body with aluminum panels, the TZ version could be distinguished by disc brakes on all four wheels.

2600 SZ

The 2600 was Alfa Romeo’s flagship model in the 1960s. All versions were equipped with an inline six-cylinder engine, which displacement is shown in the name. In principle, the cars differed only by the injection system (two or three Solex carburetors), as well as bodies. But, since the 2600 SZ version was the lightest, most powerful (165 horsepower) and most aerodynamic, it was the fastest of its sisters with a top speed of 215 kilometers per hour.

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