The most reliable and unreliable cars of 2023 according to JD Power

Every February, JD Power Corporation conducts an independent study analyzing different models and brands of cars for reliability. According to the latest summaries, the market situation has changed slightly for the better, as the strength, fault tolerance and durability of vehicles is slowly but growing, and the number of breakdowns caused by design flaws is decreasing.

JD Power study

The other day, the experts at the JD Power think tank prepared the results of their annual vehicle reliability study. They analyzed the service histories of 30,000 cars not more than 3 years old, considering the ratio of the number of breakdowns per 100 rated participants. The lower the ratio, the higher the car advanced in the reliability list.

South Korean brand KIA appeared among leaders of the top list of the most reliable cars for the first time, and Lexus cars took the first place with 133 points. As it turned out, the representatives of Japanese car industry took several titles at once as for reliability of cars of premium segment, as well as in absolute terms.

The luxury brand Genesis is following, which managed to gain 144 points. It is followed by KIA concern with 152 points, as well as Buick (159) and Chevrolet (162 points).

Experts paid special attention to Toyota C-HR, Lexus RX and Kia Optima. A crossover Kia Sportage is also reliable. Also they took into account Toyota Tacoma, GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Tahoe and Blazer.

A detailed report is available on J.D. Power’s website. Of course, it is not objective for Russian market, where are totally different vehicles and absolutely different conditions.

Let us look at the individual representatives of the rating in more detail:

Toyota C-HR

Toyota C-HR is a stylish urban crossover, which entered the market in the summer of 2016.

The fresh version features an updated exterior, expanded onboard equipment and improved specifications. The list of engine upgrades includes a new powertrain, revised chassis and electric power steering configurations, and fully LED headlights.

Lexus RX

The Lexus RX stands out for its impressive size, but also for its ideal maneuverability and adaptability to urban driving conditions. The key feature of this series is a memorable appearance, from which you can not take your eyes off. This is rightfully one of the most luxurious representatives of the Japanese car industry, which is beautiful in everything. Athletic and dynamic, daring and bold – all this characterizes the novelty.

In addition, the car has received a very successful design that allowed it to confidently take an honorable place in the rating of reliability of JD Power. The running gear is built on the basis of MacPherson struts in front and multilever beam design in rear. Also offered is Adaptive Variable Suspension, which adjusts the position of the shock absorbers to the current conditions of the vehicle.

The all-wheel-drive version uses all-wheel-drive connectivity. By default the car is driven by the front axle, but if necessary, an electronic clutch engages, transferring part of the traction to the rear axle.

Kia Optima

The Kia Optima stands out for its perfectly proportioned proportions and high level of reliability. This is a luxurious model, which creates a sense of purpose and self-confidence. In its fourth generation, the sedan has advanced comfort and safety systems, improved handling and seven different packages.

Depending on the configuration, Kia Optima is available with two types of power units. The first uses a two-liter engine, and the second uses a 2.4-liter combustion engine. The power reserve is 150, 188 and 245 hp, depending on the modification. It also determines the allowable acceleration speed, which ranges from 202 to 240 km/h.

The most unreliable cars of 2023 according to JD Power

As for the models, which gave a lot of trouble to their owners, among them were fresh Land Rover SUVs, representatives of Audi, Ford and Lincoln model lines. Also in anti-rating appeared Mercedes-Benz cars. The experts consider that the safety margin of modern cars gradually increases, and all the shortcomings are usually explained by the imperfections of electronic equipment and multimedia systems.

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