VW ID.4 Configurator: Save 15,000 euros quickly


The electric Tiguan is currently available in six trim levels. There is not much scope for individuality in the initial offers, but there is plenty of scope for cost-cutters.

Volkswagen now offers the new ID.4 in several different variants. The range starts, even if this sounds unusual, with the basic version called “Pro Performance”. The top model, “Max”, offers a full cabin, with “Life”, “Business”, “Family” and “Tech” ranking in ascending order. They are all united by the 150 kW engine, the range of around 520 kilometres, the 77 kWh battery, the acceleration of 8.5 seconds to 100 km/h and the fact that steel rims rotate in the wheel arches as standard. Even the top version costs 58,820 euros.

As a “Max”, the ID.4 is particularly impressive with its lavish equipment. This includes a panoramic roof, LED matrix headlights, a head-up display, electric seats, adaptive dampers and various assistance systems. But we want to know what’s possible in the electric Tiguan. So into the configurator we go.

With all available extras, the ID.4 Max costs 59,220 euros. As before, real customisation is not possible.

There is a choice of three items, one of which could be dispensed with, because there is no leeway when it comes to the engine. The car moves forward with 150 kW, regardless of the equipment. Actually, it’s quite decelerating to have only one engine to choose from. Of course, it doesn’t stop there, because for now only pre-configured models are available. Other drive and battery variants will follow later.

Everything is free

Let’s see how slim the configurator remains in the further course. In fact, the pulse doesn’t rise in the “colour” chapter either. Five different paint finishes are on offer, but only the honey yellow really stands out. The rest, blue, white and grey, are rather unimpressive. Financially, each colour is priced at the same level of 610 euros.

Apart from winter tyres or aftermarket guarantees, there is nothing more for the customer to choose from if he takes the top version.

But now: optional extras! So, what’s there? Well? Nothing really. Winter wheels on steel or alloy rims and follow-up guarantees of between one and three years. So we have to take a different approach to the ID.4 case. Let’s take a look at how much you can save with a sensibly configured ID.4 and use the smallest equipment as a basis.

New start at 44,450 euros

The cards have been reshuffled and we start at 44,450 euros, which is around 15,000 euros less than the top version. The first potential savings are already to be found in the colours. The basic ID.4 comes in moonstone grey as standard, which actually looks quite chic. Any other colour option from Blue Dusk to Honey Yellow costs 610 Euros. However, if you want a two-tone finish, you’ll also have to pick up an exterior style package for around 500 euros.

The standard Moonstone Grey looks smart. But offering a latest-generation car with a base price of over 40,000 euros with steel wheels is a bit cheeky.

The ID.4 Pro comes standard on 19-inch steel wheels, which can hardly be considered a dignified appearance for a car of the latest generation. It’s almost a bit cheeky to even offer it like that. But all right, for 710 euros VW swaps the unadorned footwear for shiny 19-inch wheels. If you have 1,690 euros to spare, you can go up to 21 inches. The price of 110 euros for textile floor mats is similarly cheeky. Since you can also get them for 30 euros in the accessories shop, we don’t check this box either.

Extensive standard equipment

However, the configurator does not go much further. Apart from a detachable trailer coupling for 880 Euros, a heat pump for range optimisation for 1,250 Euros and a household power cord for 175 Euros, there are no extras to choose from. Strange. Let’s take a look at the standard equipment to get an idea of what kind of car we are buying.

VW ID.4 Weltpremiere 2020

The fact is, even the currently cheapest ID.4 has a lot to offer. Emergency brake assist, LED headlights, ambient lighting, App-Connect, driving profile selection, DAB radio and parking assist are among the features on board. However, those who consider matrix lights, panoramic roof, ErgoActive seats and keyless access indispensable will probably have to go for larger equipment. With “Life” (from 47,020 Euros), “Business” (from 51,005 Euros) and “Family” (from 52,205 Euros), the standard equipment features increase gradually. The 12-inch infotainment and the head-up display with augmented reality are reserved for the “Tech” (from 55,410 euros) and “Max” versions.

A truly personalised configuration is not yet possible because these are still introductory offers. If you want your ID.4 as soon as possible, the “Pro” version will still save you painlessly around 15,000 euros compared to the top model. Those who can wait will certainly save even more.


Of course, nobody needs more equipment.

No, I would like more individuality.


VW now offers six variants of the ID.4. However, none of them can really be customised. If you don’t need huge wheels and can do without some assistants, you can save a lot of money with the Pro version.

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