What happens when you try to set a record for the long jump on a car but are wrong in your calculations

French rallyist and extremist Guerlain Chichery in March 2014 tried to break the world record for the long jump – the achievement of the American Tanner Fost. But he failed. Slow-motion footage from several cameras, five-ruble eyes, his wife’s tears and a miraculous rescue – “Motor” watches the video with you, counts the flips and tries to understand how this crazy Frenchman stayed alive at all after such a failed attempt.

The video story of the attempt to jump over the mark of 101 meters has appeared only now – three months after the race. Surely the organizers could not decide for a long time whether to publish this video or not to draw attention to their failure.

It’s not the first time Schichery has experienced crazy stunts behind the wheel of a Mini — a year and a half ago he did a “backflip” on the same car.

“The consequences? Bad if I don’t make it at that speed. Or fly over and flip over. You could get seriously injured or worse,” Chichery says while preparing the stunt. – Of course it’s a risk. But today – I can feel it today – the conditions are good, my car is ready, so I just need to fly this distance. Nevertheless, just before the start, the pilot was tense: “When I woke up this morning, I told my wife I didn’t have a good feeling.

The four-wheel drive car and the jump site were prepared by a large team. The car was reinforced with a safety cage and its weight distribution was carefully adjusted. On the first day of testing, the Chichery covered a distance of 25 meters. During the tests 15 different parameters were studied – from the ideal angle of the ski jump and speed before the breakaway to the altitude above sea level. On the second day the parameters were adjusted, he jumped 40 meters, on the third day he jumped 80 meters. And then came the day of the decisive jump.

Sitting in the cockpit, Shisheri says to his colleagues, “I’m jumping,” to the roar of the engine. Then he shakes his head, clenches his fists, closes the window and starts accelerating up to 160 km per hour on a snowy slope. The breakaway… Already in the air, the racer realizes that the car suddenly lowers its nose and prepares to hit.

His colleague told later: “It’s clear by the eyes of Guerlain on the roller. This is the end.”

Almost vertically plunged into the snow embankment, the Frenchman’s Mini began to rotate like a sneaker in a washing machine. We counted at least eight flips. Just watch this clip.

After the “washing” was over, the stuntman was able to get out of the car on his own and flew to the hospital by helicopter to the cries of his wife. The examination showed that Schichery got only bruises and abrasions. What parameter was miscalculated? Maybe we’ll find out next time. One thing is clear, there will be no questions about the safety of the Countryman. “Really glad the car was well made,” Chicheri wrote on his Facebook.

But whether there will be a second attempt remains to be seen. Before his final attempt, Schichery told the camera that if he didn’t have a good landing, he would try again. But that was before the kick. And we won’t be offended if he changes his mind.

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