What to do if the keys to the car are lost: an algorithm of actions

Losing car keys is a situation from which no one is immune. The reasons can be very different: from the usual absent-mindedness to theft. But in any case, the problem will have to be solved. What are the ways out of this situation? First of all, do not panic, break windows and break the door. There are several ways to solve the problem.

Spare kit

Using a duplicate is the easiest option. It is usually provided when buying a car. If you definitely have it, you will have to go and pick it up. Or ask someone close to do it.

Another thing is if the missing keys were discovered when you were far from home, and there is no way to use a spare set. In this case, do not freak out and spoil the doors. The best option is to call a tow truck and deliver the car to the house. True, such a decision can cost a pretty penny. And if the documents were locked inside, then you still have to prove your right to property.

Open the car

This should only be done if the car is not equipped with complex locks, and you know for sure that the keys are inside.

To open the car without keys, you need to remove the window seal, and then carefully – the glass. After that, it remains to open the door and start the engine using a wire or other device.

But all actions will be meaningless if the engine starts from a chipped key. In this case, you will have to look for other solutions.

Make a duplicate of a simple key without a microchip

This option is suitable for those whose keys are not equipped with electronics. In this case, you should contact a specialized organization. You can remove the lock and bring it in person or call workers to yourself. Specialists will come to the specified address and make a duplicate of the larva. In this case, you will first have to prove that this is your car.

Recovery of a key with a microchip

This is a more serious case, as the chip is connected to the immobilizer in the car and controls the start of the engine. You won’t be able to start the engine without it.

To solve the problem, you will have to contact the dealer or a specialized company. You can call the masters to your place or independently deliver the car on a tow truck to a car service. You will be required to prove that the car is your property and then you will be assisted in restoring the keys.

To begin with, workers request an unprogrammed key from the manufacturing plant of your car. Having received it, they connect it with the immobilizer using special equipment. The recovery process can take an average of a couple of weeks.

The cost of the service is from 5 thousand rubles, since the work depends on the complexity of the device and the brand of the machine. But if the immobilizer code is known, then making a new duplicate will require less time and money.

Making keys in a specialized workshop

If it is not possible to resolve the issue with the official representative of the company, or there is a desire to save on the service, you can contact a car repair shop that specializes in such services. Their prices are usually lower than in dealerships. But such a solution carries more risks, since confidential information can get to intruders.

It is possible that unscrupulous businessmen will make keys for themselves using the stolen data and hand them over to car thieves. Therefore, before contacting such organizations, first check their reputation. It is also not necessary to respond to the first advertisement about such a service that caught your eye.

How to solve the problem with the alarm after losing the keys

To deactivate the security system, you need to know the course of action and the location of the secret button. As a rule, you will need to press it several times, as well as turn the ignition on and off.

Disabling the system using a code involves the introduction of a digital combination of several characters that must be known to the owner.

Action algorithm:

  • turn on the ignition;
  • press the button according to the first digit of the PIN code;
  • turn off the ignition;
  • repeat the steps for each digit – after that the alarm should turn off.

If the PIN is lost or forgotten, it can be obtained from the company that installed the anti-theft system. The wizards will help deactivate the engine for a while.

Actions in case of key theft

If you know for sure that the kit was stolen and not forgotten at home, then first of all you need to do not restore the keys, but protect against theft. For this it is recommended:

  • Urgently change the locks on all doors and trunk.
  • Contact a specialized company to change the chips and reflash the stolen keys.

To avoid future risks, it does not hurt to install a GPS tracker and reprogram the anti-theft system. If the last point is impossible to complete, then it is recommended to change the car alarm to a more complex one. Or enhance protection by adding mechanical methods to lock the steering wheel and transmission.

Simultaneously with the replacement of keys and the restoration of the alarm, it is recommended to file a statement about the theft – this will help resolve the issue with the insurance company. However, keep in mind that you may be denied damages if the theft happened after the keys were lost.

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