What used car options can ruin a new car owner

Purchase of a used car – a kind of lottery. It is almost unreal to find a car in perfect condition and with zero mileage on the secondary market. As a rule, each car has hidden defects, which the seller prefers not to advertise. Therefore, it is important to know what to look for when choosing a used vehicle, to avoid large expenses on expensive repairs after purchase.

Air Conditioning

Today very few people will agree for a car without air conditioner. And the air conditioner is necessary not only in summer for cooling the interior in the hottest months. Heating and ventilation are not less important functions.

The malfunction of air conditioner can cause considerable expenses for a new owner. Most often, the breakdown is due to failed valves and rods inside the unit.

The second cause of poor air conditioner performance or breakdown is the timing belt. It is capable of causing a ripple effect, which provokes malfunctions in the air conditioning equipment. And if you need to add freon to a replaced compressor, the repair will cost an order of magnitude more.


The system of driver and passenger protection is considered one of the most important inventions for a reason. Airbags can not only save your life, but also save you from serious injuries. But you should remember that if they triggered at least once, they will have to be replaced. And it is expensive.

In addition, the airbags can severely damage the front seats when used. Most likely, you will have to spend money to repair them.


You should pay close attention to its condition, because the loss of tightness is not excluded. As a result, the sunroof may not close properly, leak and be covered with rust on the edges of the opening.

Such a defect is typical for cars in the construction of which it was not provided and installed independently by the previous owner. Incorrect mortise can be detected not immediately, but after some time. Sometimes the defect manifests itself within one year or a couple of years. To avoid extra expenses, it is better to refuse purchasing such car at once.

However, even in case of factory installation of the hatch, problems may occur due to wear and tear of mechanisms. If the hatch jams when opening and closing, it indicates misalignment of the guides and violation of geometry. Adjustment and replacement of elements will cost a pretty penny. And if the electric motor is broken, the cost of repair will be even higher.

Panoramic glasses

Outwardly they look very attractive. But only at first sight. In fact, they are very vulnerable in most cars. Any rock that flies off the car in front of you can pierce the glass. And it will have to be replaced, which is quite expensive.

In addition, panoramic windows can’t withstand low temperatures very well. It is possible that they can crack or even fall out in the cabin.

Difficult transmissions

Usually, they are equipped with expensive models, first of all, of premium class. If the seller hid the fact that the gearbox is defective, you will learn about it only after purchasing in operation. And all because the information will be deleted by the scanner, and the potential owner will not be able to find it out. And this means that very soon he will have to deal with the repair of the box.

The experts also advise to be more cautious while buying a used car with one-box gearbox. These boxes are considered to be more reliable than others, plus they add comfort while driving, as they eliminate the necessity to work with three pedals.

However, not every driver knows how to properly use a robotized mechanism. Many of them sin that they forget or do not consider it necessary to put the lever into neutral when stopping the car. As a result, they often keep the car on a long pause with the clutch pressed out. It quickly depletes a transmission’s resource.

Therefore, it is not ruled out that it will be necessary to have the control unit repaired or replaced soon after purchase of the car.


Not every car is provided with a towing device. If it is installed in a wrong place, and moreover, independently and without legalization – prepare for problems with STSI. The inspectors will refuse to re-register the car and demand to disassemble the device.

However, even with a factory towbar, there is no guarantee that there will be no problems. There is a high probability that the condition of the car is deplorable. If the previous owner often used the device, regularly transported heavy loads or towed something (for example, a boat), the body will be deformed. In addition, the gearbox and engine may be found to be in poor condition due to heavy loads.

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