What you need to know about the new Chinese off-road Tank 500, and why it was able to impress the experts

In 1976 the company Great Wall Motors was founded in China to produce passenger cars. Already by 1998, the company had become the main seller of pickup trucks on the domestic Chinese market, and in recent decades the business has been actively increasing its presence in other countries. Moreover, today “Great Wall” can and wants to offer to the whole world not only pickups, but also quite good-quality SUVs.

Chinese brand “Great Wall” held a presentation of a new SUV with a simple name “TANK”. This brand is a premium brand of the company. It is worth noting right away that in photos the car seems excessively large. However, in fact it is not. The dimensions of the Tank 500 are approximately comparable with the popular Japanese Toyota Land Cruiser 200. Actually, today this car is positioned as quite timely replacement of the competitor from the Far East islands.

What really surprised the specialists in Chinese Tank 500 is the engine of the SUV. The car is equipped with a 3-liter biturbo V6. Thus, for each cylinder row in the 500th has a turbocharger.

Experts who have already seen the Tank 500 praised the Chinese engineers from Great Wall for their foresight. The machine shown at the presentation has all the necessary improvements to overcome the peculiarities of the market. And first of all it is better corrosion-resistant coating. As for the interior, even in the most modest configuration it passes under the characteristic “expensive-rich”. A steering column with electric adjustment, relief armchairs, a rear sofa with a fan, and to list the electronic options it will be necessary to write a separate material.

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