Why Americans love pickup trucks so much

It is not an exaggeration to say that the pickup truck is one of the most striking symbols of the American “cultural code”. In the U.S., it is not only rural people who buy such cars. So what is the secret of the charm of these cars, and why many Americans are so fond of these vehicles?

For starters, a bit of statistics to illustrate the point. In 2018, 17.2 million vehicles were sold in the United States. The main pickup truck manufacturers in the United States are Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge. So, they alone sold 909, 585 and 536 thousand pickup trucks to Americans in 2018, respectively! According to some estimates, the share of these vehicles in the U.S. fleet is 18-20%. No other country in the world buys pickup trucks in such numbers. So where does this love come from?

It’s actually quite simple. Pickup trucks have several important advantages. First, they are versatile. They are suitable for both private trips and for transporting bulky loads. Second, the pickup truck has been firmly embedded in the American cultural code since the 1960s, thanks to its rural origins, and is now perceived by many patriotic citizens as something “truly American. Third, a significant portion of pickup trucks are quite reliable, powerful, passable, and equipped with all-wheel drive.

Pickup trucks were originally purchased mainly by small business owners who needed some kind of truck for work. A pickup truck is a compromise vehicle, it can carry quite a lot of things and at the same time it does not require such expenses as a usual truck.

Is it worth getting a pickup truck in the modern U.S.? Of course, everyone decides for himself. After all, with all the advantages of the pickup has specific disadvantages. For example, frankly small and uncomfortable for long journeys cabin. Especially, if we speak about back passenger seats. For family trips is still better a station wagon or a crossover. By the way, today in the U.S. ordinary family citizens also do not buy pickup trucks. These cars, as well as before, for the most part are the lot of businessmen, farmers, and also utilities and police.

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