Why do you need a long antenna on a modern car?

In the twenty-first century, the cliché that a high-tech device should be compact has finally taken hold. In many respects this stereotype is true. However, it turns out so not always. Take for example car antennas. Very often they hang out for 1.5-2 meters! Who, and the main thing, why sets such equipment on your favorite “swallow”? Would it be appropriate here to let off a caustic Freudian stuff about “size compensation”?

When it comes to antennas on modern cars, the thesis “size matters” will be completely fair and appropriate. And all because you need a big antenna for a reason. But let’s deal with everything in order. So, civilian radio communications operate in three bands: PMR, CB and LPD. And it is more often used range CB with a wavelength of 11 meters. For effective and convenient work in these bands you need antennas 5.5-6.8 meters long.

Of course, none of the drivers will attach such a huge car antenna to his favorite “swallow”, at least because it is technically impossible. Car antennas have dimensions from 20 cm up to 2.4 meters. Therefore in the remained window of possibilities a principle begins to work: the more – the better. The longer is the antenna on the car, the better it will use the possibilities of the installed radio and walkie-talkies. Rare motorist will dare to install 2.5 meters long equipment. And most likely it will be a cab driver. They have to work with civilian radios due to their duty.

A comfortable minimum on the length of the antenna for civilian radio communication starts from 1.5 meters. Such equipment allows more or less acceptable to work in settlements, where in addition to a clear signal there is always a lot of interference. Accordingly, the longer the antenna, the better it fights interference – a large number of unnecessary to a particular motorist radio waves. In addition, the long antenna is needed in those cases where the radio in the car works not only to receive the signal, but also to transmit it. Therefore, those who still put long antennas, most likely are not geeks, but people who listen to local radio signals.

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