Why the car alarm remote control stops working

Today, most cars are still opened with an alarm key fob. Every driver wants his car to be a reliable unbreakable fortress. However, sooner or later any mechanism, even the most reliable breaks down. Even such simple thing, as the remote control key, breaks. Let’s talk about the main causes of its failure.

Problems with the key fob and not only

Faced with the fact that the remote control key seems to have stopped working, you should first make sure that the problem is in the remote. The fact is that the situation could be even worse, and in fact it is not the key fob that is broken, but the alarm system. It is also possible that the remote key does not work because the vehicle’s battery is low. It is not difficult to make sure that the problem is in the key, just try to open the car with a spare key fob. There are two most common problems with the remote control:

My key fob battery is dead. The first thing to check after you managed to reliably determine that the problem lies in the key fob. You can “revive” the battery for a while with your teeth or pliers in order not to run to the store. It is also worth remembering that in most cases the batteries for the car key should be 3-3.6 volts.

Broken contacts. If battery replacement does not give a positive result, the problem is most likely hidden in the contacts of the key fob. To be sure of this will only be possible by removing one of the covers of the remote control and look at how things are done inside. The main rule here is that the working terminals of the system must “spring back”. They may have been bent or even fractured during use.

What to do if you do not have a physical key?

Today, many car models do not have a physical key. More precisely, this impression is created at the first look at the equipment. In reality, a physical key is attached to each car just in case. More often than not, it is hidden inside the plastic key fob with the alarm button.

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