Why there are colored stripes on car tires

Sooner or later every motorist in his professional road runs into the wheels, which are covered with various colored stripes. Looks like this artwork frankly strange because of what a series of questions. For instance, why are these stripes necessary and why the lion’s share of motorists do not know anything about them?

Colored stripes on tires may be very different. They differ not only in color palette, but in some cases also in thickness. The lion’s share of motorists knows nothing about them, for the simple reason that motorists do not need these marks at all. They are not made for them.

Multicolored stripes along the length of the tread are nothing more than a marking made by the manufacturer during the creation of the tire. This is done directly when the tread blocks are produced. The production line slices the blanks into chunks the length of which corresponds to the length of the finished tire. After that the slices are delivered to the area where the tires are assembled.

The colored markings along the whole length of the billet are necessary only for the employees of the manufacturing plant. Due to the fact that all the sources for the future wheels are terribly similar to each other, color markings can easily distinguish blanks for tires with different parameters, with different size and model of the tire.

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