You wait one year for Mini and Skoda

Wait a year for Mini and Skoda

If you want to buy a new electric car now, you may have to wait quite a long time. Here you can get an overview of manufacturers and models.

Anyone who wants to be on the road purely electrically in everyday life needs to have a long breath. We don’t want to express in a nasty way that a charging process takes longer than a tank of Super Plus. It’s all about the new customers, because buyers of an e-car have to wait up to 12 months for their car.

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This is because interest in electrified mobility is constantly growing. Currently more than ever, thanks to increased purchase premiums and reduced value-added tax. The number of users who have assembled a hybrid or electric car in the configurator also indicates increased interest. However, anyone who wants to benefit from the reduction in VAT would have to order a car that will be delivered this year.

Hyundai Ioniq Elektro, Exterieur

For both the hybrid model and the purely electric Ioniq, you have to allow up to six months waiting time.

With VW and Renault it is more fixed

However, delivery before 2020 is utopian for many new cars. For a Mini SE or a Skoda Enyaq iV you currently have to wait a whole year. The Renault Zoe and VW ID.3 currently have the best availability (three months delivery time each). A Mazda MX-30 from the limited contingent of the First Edition is already in the garage at home after one month.

Even though the trend has been apparent for some time, many manufacturers were apparently not prepared for the sudden demand. Some production lines have not yet been completely converted to e-mobility, and the supply of parts and battery components is proving difficult in many places, especially during the Corona pandemic. In the meantime, the hybridized A-Class from Mercedes could no longer be ordered due to the high demand. In general, the situation is similar with delivery times for hybrid vehicles. The exceptions are the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (one month delivery time) and the BMW 7 Series plug-in hybrid (two months delivery time).

Renault Zoe, Autonis 2020

You do not have to wait that long for the Renault Zoe. Currently the delivery time is indicated with three months.

The following table gives you an overview of the current models on the German market, based on data from You can find all eligible models in our picture gallery.


Those who have decided to switch to an electric car currently need patience. Many vehicles have a delivery time of half a year or longer. The reduction in value-added tax, which is only valid this year, is only available for the fewest models.

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